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A little rain never hurt a wedding

Julia and Ian make some magic outside the Four Seasons in March.

Julia and Ian make some magic outside the Four Seasons in March.

Into every Life a little rain must fall. Yes, yes, and we’ve all heard how rain on your wedding day is good luck. With the right photographer and adventurous clients like these two magical moments can be created even in the torrential rain, like this March storm that soaked most of Julia and Ian’s wedding day. Let it rain! Also, see if you can notice my not-so-short, 6’3″ second photog holding my Canon 600 speedlight behind them–I bet you can’t find him. Thanks Chris for getting wet and making my shot!

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Kate & Steve’s excellent adventure

Lobster love in Fan Hall.

Steve and Kate wanted something distinctly Boston so they devised their own version of TTD.  With a swagger that few people could pull off they tramped about Boston kissing, loving and drinking lemonade from Faneuil Hall to the MFA with stops in between. After a beautiful ceremony in the unique Class of 1959 Chapel at the Harvard Business School, and an afternoon brunch reception at the Four Seasons these two were not done as if evidenced in the photos. Lots of fun and I’m sure a few memories. When your bride tells you that her Dad can steer a car with his knees while loading a machine gun any Boston wedding photographer would perk up quickly to what might come next.

Harvard Business School Chapel on Western Ave was one of the most unique structures I've photographed (both inside and out).


Inside the Chapel light streams in from the glass ceiling.

When Life gives you lemons...

Horsey ride with his new bride.


As sure as anything--it will always be windy along the St. James Street side of the Hancock Tower.

Waiting on their bus or limo--this is where they get the ride-off-into-the-sunset ride.


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