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Enchanted Guatemala

Ashley and Carlo shine right through the unsettled Gautemalan “Winter” weather at La Reunion outside La Antigua.

When Carlo and Ashley asked me about photographing their wedding in Guatemala, a place that has captivated my spirit since I first journeyed there 5 years ago, I created a vision in my mind from the start. I have to say that our pre-wedding shoot-around surpassed even my wildest visions of “what-could-be”.  With my buddy, Brynmore Williams, shooting stellar video and my incredible friend, Jacobo Quan Hidalgo, sherpa-ing equipment and holding lights, we were able to capture some beautiful scenes.

Walking through La Reunion in the rain.

We started the day at Casa Santo Domingo where we will photograph their wedding this Saturday. From there we moved on to these little known and barely visited ruins just blocks away from all the tourista traps in the center of La Antigua.  This was Jacobo’s secret find. Once a beautiful church it was destroyed by an earthquake and subsequent flood in the 1600s. Now it is owned by the mayor of Antigua.

Jacobo with all of Brynmore’s video equipment at Casa Santo Domingo before we headed out.

Guacamayas mate for life and these two kept us busy while we waited for Ashley and Carlo to primp.

Ashley rockin’ it at the ruins of Dolores de la cruz in La Antigua.

Carlo helping his princess navigate the grounds around Dolores.

Racin’ golf carts at La Reunion.

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Published: Beantown Bride- Brian & Christine

As Boston Wedding Photographers it is always a privilege to be published. Today we thank Beantown Bride for selecting Christine and Brian’s wedding from Mass Horticultural Society. And for all those brides who pray for no rain on their wedding day, check out the photos and see how rain can’t stop you from having a beautiful wedding.

Click here to see this wedding story & photos!

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Price is great, but Chemistry is better

Sally & Matt-- photos like this happens when talent meets awesome clients

Sally & Matt-- photos like this happen when talent meets awesome clients

There is much talk these days about the economy, and although we are all sensitive to the topic, we cannot let it determine every decision. I (Asha- Glen’s  partner & wife) have coach other artist in growing their business, and I see that many folks use money as an obstacle to realizing their dreams. Trust me, I can come up with the best of excuses when I don’t want to do something or when I am afraid to do something, but I try to keep this one in check.

So, I always ask myself and others, “If money were not an obstacle, what would you do?” This always gets people thinking in a totally different plane. Look, I don’t want to deter people from their budget, especially with wedding planning and how outrageously expensive it can be, but when you have chemistry, I feel like how much you spend is secondary.

As a company we invest in consultants, assistance, and advertising, and clients, but we don’t just engage with just any one or anything. We trust our gut. We listen to what feels right. It was worked so far, and we have the best clients. We really do! People always joke with me about “Bridezillas”– we honestly, don’t have any.  We operate from a space of connecting with clients, photographers, and a network that is in alignment with who we are.

I advice the same for couples: meet the photographer, and get a sense of how you feel around them– do you want to spend 8-10hr on one of the most intimate days of your life? If it feels right, trust that. Nothing like spending $1K less than the photographer you really wanted, having bad chemistry, and ending up with mediocre pictures. After all the work you’ve put into the wedding, chemistry is key.

And of course, as a Boston Wedding Photographers, we love it when people tell us that Photography is on their top 2 in wedding planning. Yeah, that’s someone with their priorities in the right place. 😉

Remember, if you can: Chemistry first, Price second.



Asha Ramakrishna is a writer and  Director of Business Development at DMPJ. She makes sure the vision of each client is materialized in the wedding photos & album process. She’s Glen’s partner and wife. They stay on their toes due to two little girls who have more energy than an energizer bunny, and they are crazy about traveling to far away lands as a family. For more visit, www.travelingfamilycircus.com and www.visualreportage.com

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