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Somi & Tom had a little fun before their weddin’ next weekend

Under the pagoda on Boston Common where he first proposed.

With just weeks to spare we snuck this lil’ engagement shoot in just before their wedding next week.  They had a plan from dress (we changed into saree and kurta at the Sevens Pub on Charles Street), to the places on Boston Common that meant something to them.  Late afternoon light did the rest and some impromptu first-dance-practicin’ added a bit of the unexpected.  If this is how their Trinity Church ceremony and Colonade reception next weekend will go down it will be quite a day–and they only have to change outfits 3 times that day.

Shadows and light along one of Beacon Hills side streets.


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Tiny Planets…just having fun…and selling gallery wraps!!!

Emily and Tim on another planet

Emily and Tim on another planet

OK, I know, all my serious photog friends (and apparently I’ve many, especially the journos and doc peops) have asked politely and even not so, that I please, please, not do this any more–They’ve related it to the first time someone got ahold of a fisheye lens (we’ve all seen that) or the first days of Photoshop (yikes!). One friend asked if this was the new Fibonacci lens. This was an iPhone app and meant for fun. My wife, bless her ruthless business heart, is always reminding me how important social media is for my wedding photography biz and how I should use Instagram for that purpose. I know but my iPhone and Instagram are for fun. I don’t want to be “on” all the time. As an artist I want to have places where I can explore, let my hair down and just shoot, edit, manipulate and photoshop my head off.  All work and no play–right? We can’t be afraid to have fun or make fun (of Life, ourselves, etc).

This is obvious manipulation or Photoshopping and I don’t think I’m fooling anyone (not even trying)–also, this technique has been around for years, too. Wedding photography is hardly the standard for serious visual journalism (but sometimes it is and that is important too). But here is the kicker: These tiny planets make great gallery wraps that sell for $600-$1000 a print. I’ve a print that is going in a show this weekend as part of the Somerville Open Studios (http://www.somervilleopenstudios.org/) and BLINK! (http://digitalsilverimaging.com/digital-printing-blog/). That print is from a visual journalism workshop we ran in India as part of our Visual Reportage Workshop series (http://visualreportage.com/). It is a serious piece shot in the Dharavi slum. It is printed in black and white (because we all know how much gravitas that elicits–said with half a laugh and a wink). It shows the area in all its abject poverty and surreal beauty and I’m very proud of it. It is for sale there for $500 and nobody will probably buy it. But these gallery wraps of tiny planets from peoples weddings–well they are so fun and look great on canvas and folks love to have them hanging.

Em and Tim's wedding party are the total population of their planet

Em and Tim’s wedding party are the total population of their planet


Tiny Planet Enagagement

Ashley and Brian walk along the swirling scenery of their own tiny planet at Crane Beach.

As a Boston wedding photographer, trained journalist  and teacher/mentor of visual journalism I am always shooting, editing and thinking about photography. It is my Life right down to the everyday constant of documenting my family (sometimes to their protest). So while I was with my class shooting the Boston Marathon I again had some fun with the images from there. I know it is a serious sporting event but it was much more this year–my students did an admirable job with their video projects, the runners ran, the crowds cheered and security secured. It was festive and light and so to was my favorite photo:

Shalane Flanagan runs toward the finish of the Boston Marathon.

Shalane Flanagan runs toward the finish of the Boston Marathon.


This was one of my most “liked” photos on Istagram (http://instagram.com/dmpj) and while “likes” are no measure whatsoever of a photo’s merit or even worth–they are an indication of its dollar value to some degree. As artists we need to feel the value of what we do deep within us. It must scratch the itch on the ass of our Soul. But we also must eat, pay our bills and have enough money to by more camera gear, or paints or clay…and crazy iPhone apps ;-). And we must have some fun.




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A little rain never hurt a wedding

Julia and Ian make some magic outside the Four Seasons in March.

Julia and Ian make some magic outside the Four Seasons in March.

Into every Life a little rain must fall. Yes, yes, and we’ve all heard how rain on your wedding day is good luck. With the right photographer and adventurous clients like these two magical moments can be created even in the torrential rain, like this March storm that soaked most of Julia and Ian’s wedding day. Let it rain! Also, see if you can notice my not-so-short, 6’3″ second photog holding my Canon 600 speedlight behind them–I bet you can’t find him. Thanks Chris for getting wet and making my shot!

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Oliver & Company

Sondra and Erik play under a canopy of green in the Public Garden.

Lots of fun with Sondra and Erik and their little doggie strolling about Beacon Hill and then stepping out in the North End. As a Boston wedding photographer I always encourages my couples to bring props (umbrella’s come in handy) and a quick change of clothes ’cause you never know what Mother Nature will do.  S &E took it to a whole ‘nother level having a 4-year-old Yorkshire Terrier complete with hair-do and bling. I can’t wait to see if lil’Oliver will be the official ring bearer for their November wedding. Time will tell–until then we have their Summer engagement shoot–“And her little dog, too.”

Every tree in The Public Garden is named with genus and species and a few have other names carved in as well.

North End bistro.

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Sarah & Noah get married-Redux

Some more photography highlights from Nathan and myself:

Sarah and Noah Getting Married from Glen Cooper on Vimeo.

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Julia & Scott: Mini wedding celebration

Family wedding photos line the table as Julia and Scott descend the Grand staircase at Hampshire House.

Julia and Scott live in Chicago and that is where they had their “big” wedding celebration but before that, Julia wanted to do something, somewhere, so that her grandmother could see her wedding–enter family and some close friends to the historic Hampshire House in Boston for a cozy lil’ ceremony just for her. It couldn’t have been sweeter or more intimate. We spent some time just Julia and Scott and I + my second cameraman, USK, wandering the bricked sidewalks and cobblestones of Beacon Hill. Then we joined the party for some formals in The Public Garden before the ceremony and reception in the library room upstairs–this was definitely a place where everybody knows your name.

Window light is right.

And again.



…and still more canoodling (of course I’m making them do it for the photos but it happened none-the-less).

Just strolling through Beacon Hill in a wedding dress (happens every weekend, I’m sure).

On the side streets off Charles–with USK adding some fill.

Beacon Hill portrait around the corner from Hampshire House.

Finding a little spot for some love.

Trying hard to find something that says Boston.

American beautiful.

The Gang’s all there.

Special greeting for Grandma.

The entire wedding party

“Ready to do this?”

Portraits on a cloudy day–like a giant softbox giving nice soft light.

Beautiful day for a stroll through the Garden.

As Abbey Road as we could make it.

Escorting his bride to the alter.

This room is just perfect for black and white.





Ceremony room flipped in record time.



More details.

One more quick portrait because we have to have a spiral staircase shot.

Showing grandma the bling.

Looking great even getting bustled.

“I’ll show you mine…”

It’s not just the kids that do this.

Great, great service at the Hampshire House!

Many toasts from moms and dad to brothers and friends.

Everyone was encouraged to say a little something.

Toasting each other.


Sealed with a kiss.

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Kate & Steve’s excellent adventure

Lobster love in Fan Hall.

Steve and Kate wanted something distinctly Boston so they devised their own version of TTD.  With a swagger that few people could pull off they tramped about Boston kissing, loving and drinking lemonade from Faneuil Hall to the MFA with stops in between. After a beautiful ceremony in the unique Class of 1959 Chapel at the Harvard Business School, and an afternoon brunch reception at the Four Seasons these two were not done as if evidenced in the photos. Lots of fun and I’m sure a few memories. When your bride tells you that her Dad can steer a car with his knees while loading a machine gun any Boston wedding photographer would perk up quickly to what might come next.

Harvard Business School Chapel on Western Ave was one of the most unique structures I've photographed (both inside and out).


Inside the Chapel light streams in from the glass ceiling.

When Life gives you lemons...

Horsey ride with his new bride.


As sure as anything--it will always be windy along the St. James Street side of the Hancock Tower.

Waiting on their bus or limo--this is where they get the ride-off-into-the-sunset ride.


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Sneak Peak! Sherri & JJ

Some love on the Fish Pier.

Just a few quick ones from this beautiful wedding day for Sherri and JJ at the Seaport Hotel and environs. Weather was perfect after so much rain. Fun people all at this mega-wedding–what more can a Boston wedding photographer ask for.

Model perfect.

JJ is doing alright for himself here. This is a man who knows how to dress! Tip #1: Get a beautiful girl and hold on.

The garden behind the Winter Garden was the perfect place for the reveal.

Mama gettin' some lovin'.

The boyz and there were a ton of them!


Sis and niece lookin fab on the aisle.


A kiss is just a kiss--unless it's this one.


The speech...

...and some heartfelt tears.


Gettin' down--these folks could "move it, move it!"

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Jessica and Leo and one hot day in Boston

Splashing in the fountain in Copley Square after a sweltering day in Boston.

Temps were in the 90s in Boston but Jessica and Leo were cool as could have been in front of the camera. They had a plan in mind and spots they wanted to hit–mostly the Boston Public Library and Copley. The late afternoon light was yummy and the haze provided a natural softbox–plus it didn’t hurt to have an assist from my super second camera, Chris Gagne–thank you! Just some pix from our day in the late-afternoon light of mid-Summer.

Finding the light in the BPL.

Kanoodling in the book room.

And more kanoodling.

And even more in the nooks and crannies.


Having some fun being statuesque.

Courtyard reflections.



Beautiful end to a beautiful day.

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Stephanie & Arthur @ Wentworth by the sea

Our stellar senior photog Chris Gagne was the lead on this beautiful celebration between Stephanie and Arthur (AJ). Friends and family teased Arthur that he’d have married his red BMW if he could but I think Arthur finally got it right and married the red head that mattered most–plus unless you are into Transformers how would the car thing really work out in the long run.  But maybe he truly has the best of both worlds now and isn’t that the sweetest taste of Life any man (car guy aside) could ever ask for–’cause what’s a cool car if you ain’t got a pretty girl next to you! (All photos by Chris unless noted).


Just before the ceremony getting some last minute love.

Nothing come between a man and his car… (Photo by Glen)

The hardware ready for service before the service. (Photo by Glen)

…except… (Photo by Glen)

… When a car becomes simply just a car. (Photo by Glen)

(Photo by Glen)

Gettin’ some kudos (Photo by Glen)

(Photo by Glen)


Alternate angle

(Photo by Glen)

We got a lil’ bit excited getting these guys back to their cocktail hour driving a wee bit too fast for the beach road. All ended well though 😉

The loves of his life. (Photo by Glen)

Arthur’s two loves–no coincidence here that they’re both red heads.

First dance

School gang

Hug from grandma.

Last dance


As always a great deal of thanks goes to these wonderful vendors and designers:

Caterer: Wentworth by the Sea Hotel

Florist: Jardiniere Flowers

Cake or desserts by: Jacques Pasteries

Favors: What are they? Chocolate chip cookies from Paradise Bakery

Calligraphy: Signed, Sealed, & Delivered

Entertainment Provided By: Nik Shukla

Wedding gown by: Madeline’s Daughter

Hair and make-up by: Betsy Dillon, Bridal Vision Company

Bridesmaid’s dresses by: Ann Taylor

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