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Stephanie & Arthur @ Wentworth by the sea

Our stellar senior photog Chris Gagne was the lead on this beautiful celebration between Stephanie and Arthur (AJ). Friends and family teased Arthur that he’d have married his red BMW if he could but I think Arthur finally got it right and married the red head that mattered most–plus unless you are into Transformers how would the car thing really work out in the long run.  But maybe he truly has the best of both worlds now and isn’t that the sweetest taste of Life any man (car guy aside) could ever ask for–’cause what’s a cool car if you ain’t got a pretty girl next to you! (All photos by Chris unless noted).


Just before the ceremony getting some last minute love.

Nothing come between a man and his car… (Photo by Glen)

The hardware ready for service before the service. (Photo by Glen)

…except… (Photo by Glen)

… When a car becomes simply just a car. (Photo by Glen)

(Photo by Glen)

Gettin’ some kudos (Photo by Glen)

(Photo by Glen)


Alternate angle

(Photo by Glen)

We got a lil’ bit excited getting these guys back to their cocktail hour driving a wee bit too fast for the beach road. All ended well though 😉

The loves of his life. (Photo by Glen)

Arthur’s two loves–no coincidence here that they’re both red heads.

First dance

School gang

Hug from grandma.

Last dance


As always a great deal of thanks goes to these wonderful vendors and designers:

Caterer: Wentworth by the Sea Hotel

Florist: Jardiniere Flowers

Cake or desserts by: Jacques Pasteries

Favors: What are they? Chocolate chip cookies from Paradise Bakery

Calligraphy: Signed, Sealed, & Delivered

Entertainment Provided By: Nik Shukla

Wedding gown by: Madeline’s Daughter

Hair and make-up by: Betsy Dillon, Bridal Vision Company

Bridesmaid’s dresses by: Ann Taylor

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How to be seen? Find a good Business Team and get out of their way!

Some fun press of the last month all thanks to our stellar PR person!

One of the best investments we’ve made is to have a dedicated PR person working to get our beautiful wedding photography work published. I can not stress how wonderful it is for this Boston wedding photographer to have someone working behind the scenes on this so we can stay focused on building our business, creating beautiful work and serving our clients.

A huge thank you! to the Southern New England Weddings 2011 edition for featuring Julie and Ryan’s little, off-the-beaten-path wedding at the Chequessett Yacht & Country Club in Wellfleet.

Three full spreads from Southern New England Weddings landed in their 2011 edition.

We have to thank the folks at Boston Magazine for the feature in their gorgeous pub Boston Weddings Spring/Summer 2011 edition. A nice full page and we were able to add some of our local advice for couples and other photographers.  For an article on the “City’s Best Backdrops” we were happy to contribute to Donna Garlough’s piece on where to find some nice spots in the city for day-of wedding portraits.  We chose Post Office Square since it is a little oasis of green right in Downtown Boston. What Boston wedding photographer couldn’t make this spot work and it is especially convenient to all the main venues in the area.

This was a section on some of Boston's best locations for wedding day portraits.

And we can not forget our friends at Bride & Groom for featuring Vani and David’s beautiful wedding at Radius.  Great work on this wedding from our photographers, Nathan and Janice. Some wonderful details from this unique spot.

Vani and David are married at Radius in Boston, Mass.

As an artist, it sometimes takes a team to bring the work out into the world. I have a great team!

To learn on how you can take your work out into the world, join Asha for her Business Mentoring Class, starting in February.

Check it: www.dmpj.com/blog/classes


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