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Cape light: Jamie + Aaron and listening to what your client wants


Warm ocean breezes and late Summer Cape light greeted me as I met Jamie and Aaron for their engagement shoot in New Seabury near Mashpee. I love late afternoon shoots and almost always try to take advantage of this beautiful time of day for engagement photos whether in a city location like Boston or in a more rustic setting. We started out in jeans and beach wear in the dunes and seagrass along the beach then found some great sunset light. We even enlisted a few young boys to row me out on the water for a fresh perspective on a great photo spot.

Jamie had some ideas for the shoot in her head and kept telling me that I can do whatever I want as long as I get this one shot for her. She had in her mind the idea of her and Aaron sitting on the overturned sailboat somewhere on the beach with the seagrass behind them. I’ve worked with art directors and editors my whole career and told Jamie we’d try to create the image she had in mind. We worked at it for about 30 minutes moving the boat here and there. We worked on their position and expressions and then added in some golden fill light from the reflector to give the final shot its warm Summer glow.

I think it is important to connect with my clients and always encourage them to tell me what they want. Some clients are very specific and others just say, “We trust you; do what you do.” I’ll always do what I do–and for the most part that is why they hire me but there is a certain satisfaction when you show the client the image on the back of the camera and she says, “That is exactly how I pictured it!”

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Cover Girl Beauty: Jillian & Michael, Gloucester, Mass.

The cars were just a lucky addition as we made our way to a spot along Gloucester's rocky shoreline.

Jillian and Michael are one of those couples with movie star looks and down-to-Earth personalities reminiscent of star quarterbacks and Brazilian supermodels. We had the perfect day starting with the girls getting ready at a rented beach house in Gloucester and then the ceremony and reception at the Elk’s at Bass Rocks.

When I first met them many months ago Jillian was on the cover of the Improper Bostonian as one of Boston’s elite bartenders. Our engagement session yielded some amazingly candid shots and I knew right away this was going to be a fun couple to photograph on their wedding day as they were willing to go the extra mile.

Getting ready takes a village at times.

The finished look is stunning.

Taking a big chance, Jillian has puppies swimming through her wedding gown before the ceremony.

A surprise ending capped our great day!

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