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Lauren & Steven at New Seabury and Popponesset Inn

Beautiful twilight is everything in this shot as Steve and Lauren pose for in impromptu portrait.

In Greek myth, Narcissus was a beautiful young man who rejected all potential lovers, but then tragically fell in love with his own reflection in a pool. Why start a blog like that? Because this is all about Steven–and the simple fact that as beautiful, athletic, sensitive and intelligent as he may be–he is also smart enough to know that Lauren trumps any reflection.  Never have I met a man so completely comfortable with himself and so full of self-love that his mere presence is infectious to all around him.   Most men could never come close to pulling this off  as he can shift between utter machismo and emotionally feminine without skipping a beat. Its takes a special kind of woman to match this stride for stride and Lauren is the perfect fit.

Lauren and Steven chose the magnificent resort at New Seabury and the Popponesset Country Club for their wedding reception.  The last time I was here for a wedding 3 groomsmen went skinny dipping in front of all the wedding guests so I was ready for anything this time. Maybe its the salt air but this wedding had an energy that rocked us all night long. I tend to think that the force field that surrounds these two special people could power a small city–as evidenced below. Enjoy. I certainly did.

The Dress and The Beach.

The hardware.

The girls approve.


Dudes on parade.

Cute. Beautiful. Simple.


The Church - Christ the King Church in Mashpee.


Proud Papa and his girl.


Makin' it official--put a ring on it!


Running the gauntlet with flags a flyin'...


And high-fivin', fist bumping and smilin' all the way.


The family #1.

Family # 1A.

Love in the Marketplace at Popponesset.

More Marketplace--so many kitschy things to take advantage of in here.

The local watering hole.

The Gang, Posse, Entourage, etc.


Playing poker--totally staged but fun none-the-less.



Battery powered love machine.


Perfect light.

Perfectly comfortable holding his girl's purse or her bouquet.

Sunset kisses.

Even works in BW.

Hand-in-hand together in Life.


How they really are.


More natural beauty.

Details, details...


Pumping up the energy waiting on the main attraction.

No strings attached and he has no harness.

Everybody got into the act.

Dancing with Dad.


And Mom.


An embarrassment of dessert riches provided the fuel.

For the madness that ensued--no dress malfunction here.


This guy is at every wedding.


Little bro getting some air!

Party rock.

Not a great shot but I had to submit it as evidence that Steven could bring it!

Signature cocktail: The Perfect Pair Lemonade (vodka + raspberry pink lemonade) 🙂


Thanks guys for making this fun!

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Jill & Ezra Quick Peak

Jill & Ezra post ceremony smooch near Hingham harbor.

Jill and Ezra had their wedding ceremony  at the Old Ship Metting House in downtown Hingham and then celebrated their reception with hundreds of guests under a gorgeous tent at Jill’s parent’s historical home just around the corner.  What a truly great way to spend your wedding day/night complete with Ezra singing a beautiful song he wrote for their marriage.

The dress reflected.

Jill reflected.

Dad gets a first look.

First look!

Dad escorts his baby girl.


The Old Ship is the oldest continuously used meeting house in the US.


JIll’s parents watching the action from their box seats.

So to does her good friend.

Watching me watching them.

Homemade touches everywhere.


Brought in their own chuppah.


Glass broken and…

…mozel tov!!!


Getting the congrats.

Time for a private kiss post ceremony.


Now downtown for some photos.

First stop something beachy near the harbor.


Toes in the sand.

It looks deserted but there was several beach regulars we carefully avoided–especially the old man in the Speedo.

Portrait of Ezra. Hingham, Mass. circa 2011

Love at the old theatre.

Incredible big tent for the festivities on the side yard.

Details and party favors.

The cake under the big tent.

Some family formals group #1.

Group #1A.

And some brotherly love.

What wedding isn’t complete without bubbles–perfect kid favor.

Passionate speeches from the best of men…

And Jill’s brothers provided the laughs.


Plus the “best” girl.

Some traditions needed to be performed…

and more traditions got everyone involved.

Then is was just party time–or more traditions as Ezra’s Dad celebrated to “YMCA”.

Dancing with grandparents.


Bridesmaids sang with the band – Men in Black

More passionate speeches this time utilizing modern technology.

Ezra and his old bandmates played a crowd favorite.

And the crowd went nuts.

Really nuts–I don’t even know what dance this is.


Mom and Dad share some love on the dance floor.

Ezra and Jill shared a little love out by the old tree swing.


They concluded the night with a song written especially for their marriage.

Many thanks to my stellar second cameraman, Chris Gagne, Men in Black for providing the tunes, East Meets West Catering and anyone I missed; this was a grand affair.



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Michael and Niveen – The Lyman Estate, Waltham, Mass.

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Michael and Niveen couldn’t have just one wedding. Some with family split on opposite coasts and from all over the World they celebrated twice. Once in the Boston area at the Lyman Estate and the other 10 months later in sunny Santa Barbara, California. For a photojournalist like myself, I was just psyched to photograph these two people (great people), two cultures coming together and just tons of friends and family.

First up was the Lyman Estate on a wicked cold New England winter night in January that made for some spectacular visual imagery of their Pakistani wedding ceremony and reception. Then, it was off to Santa Barbara for a beautiful beach ceremony and crazy outdoor California reception amongst the palm trees of the West Coast.


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