Expecting the unexpected: Sarah & Dylan – A January Wedding

Snow white: Outside Our Lady Help of Christian's Church in Newton.

Sometimes Winter is just the best season in New England and this year this Boston wedding photographer has certainly seen enough of the fluffy white stuff to last a couple Winters. With no where to park and snow piles piled on top of piles, and more coming, Sarah and Dylan were just the perfect, easy-going couple any wedding photographer would want.  Luckily the snow held off last weekend and we were able to maneuver from getting ready in Watertown to the ceremony in Newton at Our Lady  Help of Christian’s Church and then into the city for the reception at the Colonnade Hotel. All the time Sarah and Dylan deftly navigated the cold, snow and all the usually emotions with a grace that makes others rise to the occasion.  Many thanks to them as they have even bigger things to come very soon and thanks to Kristyn Kerkorian and the staff at the Colonnade plus Peter from Boston Sound Choice for the great tunes; they kept the party hoppin’ and boppin’.

Anxious Dad; she's only 5 minutes late--or right on schedule!

Tears and emotions were flowing.

Just an amazing grand church for a ceremony.

A quick smooch and it's a done deal.

Great afternoon light!

All alone with their thoughts on whats to come - oh, except for me trying to blend into our stretch limo for 12.

Just "Good People" they are.

The '70s Communist-style concrete architecture fades in the bokeh popping my cute couple.

In lieu of gifts these guys asked all in attendance to donate to some very worthy causes dear to their hearts.

They had the moves...

But their friends had more.

Dylan's ultra cool, hippie, rock-climbing parents danced to a Gerry Garcia tune.

And others never stopped no matter what the song was.

‘Merica in Marblehead

Richard and Jennifer ride in style from downtown Marblehead to the EYC.

Richard and Jennifer’s spectacular wedding in Marblehead at the Eastern Yacht Club had a little bit of a lot of things from full on church service to bag piper, an impromptu beer in downtown, fun photos overlooking the harbor, a boat ride and dancing and singing ’til the music wouldn’t play any more.  We started the day at La Belle Femme Salon in downtown with the girls, had a ceremony at Our Lady, Star of the Sea Church, photos in and around Marblehead and then danced the night away  with Shine. Richard, when he wasn’t bustin’ a move or full split he was singing and Jenn was rockin’. Here’s to one awesome couple:

Putting the glow on at La Belle.

Getting ready with a little help from her friends.

Dad gets set to escort his girl.

Our Lady, Star of the Sea

One hot kiss to seal the marriage.

A walk in Crocker park.

Just the perfect cloudless day for these lucky two.

Our stop in Chandler Hovey Park looking back on Marblehead.

Elastic Man--Richard is very comfortable in his own skin.

Passionate, beautiful, breathtaking, etc!

Arriving in style!

This was a surprise from Jenn's maid of honor.

Toasts to remeber--possibly the best I've heard this season.

Lots of emotion throughout the day and night.

Richard getting the crowd into it.

As always, this doesn’t happen without these great folks:

Caterer: Eastern Yacht Club

Florist: Flowers by Darlene, Salem, Mass.

Entertainment: Shine

Wedding gown by: Augusta Jones

Jewelry by: Haute Bride Designs

Bridesmaid dresses by: Aria Dress

Cinematography: Love 2.0

We’ve always wanted to incorporate video into our studio offerings but never quite found the right mix of cinematographer/editor that fit our style, until now. I want to introduce our clients to Brynmore Williams and his partner, George Cox. Together they provide the look and feel that is distinctively our style. This is their first wedding project for us although these guys have numerous credits to their names. Brynmore coins his unique vision: Love 2.0

Ashley & Carlo from brynmore on Vimeo.

Here is Brynmore’s description of his vision for you:

Storytelling is my lovechild. This gift has been a blessing that I have nurtured and cultivated over many years. For me, nothing is more fascinating than real life. But mix in a generous helping of some good ole fashion lovin’ and you’ll end up with a fairytale recipe unmatched by anything else in the galaxy.
We live in the era of “the cloud.” Our lives and experiences are shared widely and instantaneously; we create our own mythology. Love 2.0 is an idea that runs parallel with how we live our lives today. No longer are we inviting friends over to our houses to watch the 2-hour long wedding video. We are uploading clips and short films to Youtube.com and Facebook, embedding them on webpages and downloading them to mobile devices. We are sharing our love far and wide. As one blushing bride told us, ” It’s unbelievable to think 4 minutes of film could capture so much!”

One I just had to post

Hadley and Greg and the "mountain view grande".

Some weddings are the stuff of legend and and family lore–that one special day that people (even those that didn’t get the invite) say they were there. This Boston wedding photographer was honored to be part of the festivities. Like planets aligning or a perfect rainbow on an equally perfect summer afternoon, weddings of this magnitude and splendor must be equalled with that extraordinary couple and their incredible friends and family to really stand out.  Don’t get me wrong, all weddings have this quality to some extent, but just sometimes, all the ingredients come together with just the right weather, venue and vendors for the ultimate supper. I couldn’t think of a more deserving couple than these guys for this magic to happen.

The Mountain View Grand in Whitefield, NH overlooks the Presidential Range.

Pretty swing: Greg on the back 9 at the MVG. Photo by Josh

Like I said above--its all about the ingredients! Always read the label. Photo by Josh

Hadley is lost in anticipation of what's to come.

Watching the guys take their places and guests arrive.

Greg showing us the hardware! Photo by Josh

A quick grab prior to the main event as Hadley waits her turn.

Proud Papa and Hadley is just beaming.

Picture-postcard perfect weather.

Photo by Josh.

Josh gets the ring going on and now we just need...

The Kiss and the sinking sun cooperates for some nice late afternoon glow.

Taking it all in.

Mountain View Grand's main ballroom all set to go.

Benefit of two photogs is to be in different places or to capture a unique image of the same scene--nice one Josh!

The crowd reacts...

Dad can not be stopped and easily dusted some of the younger folks.

Soul City had the crowd movin' and shakin' as they always do!

I don't know so don't ask.

The end of a great day and night!

All of this couldn’t have been possible without the help of my incredible second camera, Josh London, and all these other great vendors (click on their links to see more):

Caterer/Venue: Mountain View Grand

Florist: Emily Herzig Floral Studio

The Band: Soul City

Wedding gown by: Vera Wang

Bridesmaid dresses by: Lazaro

Jewelry by: Doug Hardy

Geoff & Dianna: A church wed, Scout songs, Mother Nature and even Chinatown

Dianna and Geoff had some post ceremony time to comune with Nature at Berry Pond in Andover.

Goeff and Dianna had one of those weddings where we covered so much ground from Medford to Andover and back to Chinatown in Boston for a reception celebration that won’t be forgotten. I always tell my clients that I’m game for what they want to do. Berry Pond in Andover was a spot that is dear to them for dog walking but was 30 minutes north of the ceremony site and even further from our reception destination at the China Pearl in Boston’s Chinatown.  Any Boston wedding photographer would have loved these two and their free-wheeling spirit but the venue changes can be a nightmare. My second photog Darren McCollester and very able assitant Meghan Taylor provided great support in having this run smooth and the I93 Gods were good to us as we sped easily from point A to B to Chinatown!

St.Francis of Assisi in Meford: The House of Father Joe!

Father Joe getting warmed up.

And getting the crowd involved--no falling asleep in his church!

I had my knee-waders on for this shot.

Geoff with some back up sang a capella for Dianna.

Awesome couple + a dash of rain = lots of good luck!

A little rain only adds to the drama as Chris and Alisa exit St. James Church in Watertown.

I photographed a stellar engagement session in the Arnold Arboretum with Alisa and Chris almost a year ago (see their fairytale of a session) and when we were ramping up for their wedding at the Willowdale Estate in Topsfield north of Boston, Chris had this to say, “We really have some incredible engagement shots and now you’ve set the bar very high so we gotta knock this one outta the park!” Well what Boston-based wedding photographer doesn’t like a challenge especially when its in a beautiful venue like the Willowdale and with an equally beautiful and fun couple.  I was psyched and certainly ready to swing for the fence–only problem was Mother Nature had other plans. The blue lights on the baby Hancock were flashing–rain delay or possible rain out.

I’ve got a rain dance I’ve learned from my Mayan shaman amigo in Guatemala mixed with the Chicken Dance. It involves the blood of a very spoiled beet, some pinole and one very sharp cactus needle–ouch!  It takes so much out of me that I very rarely call upon this timeless ritual but Chris’ call-to-action inspired me to twist and shout. It worked–save for one very intense, thunderous, electrical storm just at the end of the ceremony at St. James Armenian Apostolic Church in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Grand salami, well, maybe just a nice solo home run to the deepest part of the stadium but we nailed it. All the thanks in the world go out to the staff at the Willowdale for their hospitality, Fino Fresh Design for their incredibly eye-popping table settngs, bouquets and more, my steady-as-a-rock second photographer, Chris Gagne and über assistant/intern, Meghan Taylor. This is how a wedding should go off!

The girls! From Alisa's backyard in Burlington.

Alisa pre-ceremony looking perfect in black and white.

A little like a Greek ceremony this was my second Armenian wedding and little St. James was so richly appointed.

Ooops! They spotted me shooting from the door behind the altar.

A little post ceremony respect being paid. Candle light, gotta love it.

An antique Oldsmobile, champaigne and love.

And more love.

Is was a great slow ride from Watertown to Topsfield and our heros had lots of time to chill and unwind.

The guests were awaiting their arrival with signature mojito cocktails in hand. Oh, and that rain--gone!

Some very necessary shots with the car, the estate and Alisa and Chris--easy.

This image screamed black and white to us.

Love her body language--just such a sweet moment among many that day.

Alisa and her sister posing for Chris' camera as I grabbed this side shot.

Taking advantage of that beautiful, after-storm, late-day, light.

Flower girl comes to see us on the lawn (notice cookie in hand).

Details: Flowers and table settings by Fino Fresh Designs and the gorgeous cake by Konditor Meister.

The entrance into the grand tent on the back lawn--notice the perfect weather out the open flaps.

Their first dance--so in love. Stay that way forever, guys!

She couldn't resist but who blames her?

A father's love--I hope I have the same shot of me some day when I dance with Dharma and Sarada.

A father's love--I hope I have the same shot of me some day when I dance with my girls, Dharma and Sarada.

A little late night portait session on the antique sofa in the estate (notice expert light from my super assistant, Meghan Taylor).

Perhaps it is better in color.

Gotta love a bride who says, "Whatever you want, Glen, we trust you."

What night isn't complete without a fine cigar...

...and your boyz.

Giving Back to aspiring photographers

A note from Asha ….

Many of you know that we run a monthly contest. Anyone can participate. Whether an amateur or professional photographer. We have different catagories, and the winners get a one hour business make over with me. I honestly LOVE doing this. Both Glen and I enjoy building community, and well, we are both coaches and educators at heart.

Everyone knows this about Glen since he heads the Visual Journalism department at New England School of Photography. Teaching is a passion for us, and also is a way of saying thank you to the Universe for blessing us with such a thriving Boston Wedding Photography business.

So, I had a meeting with the lovely Karla Rodas. Karla won the best wedding cake contest! Click here to check the contest out! (Like us, please!) 🙂

Well, it turns out her passions are children & landscapes…

photo by KARLA RODAS- winner of Best Cake Contest on DMPJ's FB page

Photo by KARLA RODAS- winner of Best Cake contest on FB

Karla is in a stage of redefining her career. She comes to Boston from Las Vegas where she used to do tons of Red Carpet events- yes, she has rubbed elbows with all the celebs. But, she is passionate about real people & nature ( a girl after my own heart). She is building a new website and blog that are in alignment with the new her. Can’t wait to see it!

This is what she said about why she loves photography:

What isn’t there to love about photographing children?  They’re beautiful, joyful, full of wonderment and amazement… they’re tender and sweet and everything in between!  They’re carefree and untainted… their innocence is a fresh of breath air in this hectic life… I love getting behind my lens and seeing them with new eyes and put the worries of the world behind me because in front of me is this beautiful being… that is just that… being.
And for similar reasons I love shooting landscapes… though they’re not people… they’re alive.  There is life and energy and emotion.  They’re not just snap shots of what is… they’re the life that lives within them.

Karla M. Rodas
C: 201.988.3498
Can you get how sweet this girl is? Yeah, I thought so. Karla will join us when we start up critique nights again. Now in our lovely studio (but about that some other time).

Rachel & Bill at Our Lady of Victories and the BHH

I shot an engagement session for these two back in August and had a tremendous time bopping all over downtown Boston and Back Bay so I expected nothing short of fun and gorgeousness from them for their incredible wedding.  They chose an amazing location for the ceremony at the Our Lady of Victories Church in the South End and then had a glamorous reception back at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

Nathan’s incredibly natural but oh so interesting take on a scene we see all the time.

This is why we show up early to shoot the getting ready shots at the salon.

Details can't be overlooked.

Another of Nate's finds--the flower girl just before walking down the aisle.

Our Lady of Victories in the South End.

The Kiss!

Nice frame Nate.

Carrot Cake by the BHH caterers, yummy!

Carrot cake from the caterers at the BHH, yum!

Dancing with Dad...

...as the emotions from Mom poured out.

Nate with a 200mm shot as we took advantage of the late day light.

A hug for Dad.

The whole gang danced and danced - thank you DJ Erik Buford.

Stealing some of that incredibly delicious carrot cake.

Gotta love some air guitar.

How it all ends right were we began the reception--under the archway of the BHH.

Many thanks to the team at the BHH, who catered and planned the evening with meticulous detail, DJ Erik Buford of Event-Experience Music Services, for providing an awesome soundtrack that had them dancing all night, Fino Fresh Floral Designs, for the incredible table arrangements and for adding that touch of accent that complimented Rachel’s and the girls gowns perfectly, Jason at Boston Wedding Films for a stellar and cinematic production (shot almost exclusively on with Canon DSLR camera’s 🙂 and finally, many great thanks to my second camera, Nathan, and can’t live without assistant, Ryan, for giving me the support to produce such amazing work.

David and Vani – Radius Wedding

Radius restaurant, known for their spectacular and delicious culinary creations, was also ‘their’ spot, so a sweet and intimate wedding at Radius was a perfect fit for David and Vani.  In our first meeting with them, we talked and talked about Photojournalism, and when we asked what they thought of all this, they said, “You had us at Decisive Moment…” Love at first sight for all of this. The wedding… easy, breezy, and yummy. All details taken care of by Radius:  cake, flowers, best.wedding.food.ever.


“Get Here” – Allison & Michael are married at the BHH, Boston, Mass.

Oleta Adams sings her hit "Get Here" to a stunned audience.

It’s not every wedding that an international recording star is hired for a set but that just shows you the clout and right amount of lady luck that Allison and Michael have going for them–a true Boston power couple, these two know how to throw a party.  Since I was obviously clued in ahead of time to the surprise so I could be ready, Allison, as a present to her guy, grabbed the mic and introduced American Soul and Jazz singer, Oleta Adams, to the gushing audience. Basically, if you know Anita Baker you know Oleta Adams but for those of you out there saying, who? Give her a listen right here:

I know you’ve heard that song but like myself many of you may have first heard Oleta Adams like this:

Pretty cool headliner for a wedding of musical and dance performances. Michael got it all rolling with a friend of his singing a song she wrote especially for them.  It was just the three of them and me and Chris floating in the distance capturing the moment.

On the dock of the Harbor Hotel

It was a great night of dance and musical performances. Michael intimated to me that he’d like to really enjoy his day and asked that I limit the photos to mainly documentary style as we captured them in some great natural moments.

We all know what he's thinking.

Dancing the night away.

The day started out beautiful and just got better and better. The BHH staff took care of all the details and I was greatly assisted by my incredible senior associate photog, Chris Gagne, and Johnny-on-the-spot equipment lugger super tech, Mark Davis.  My staff and all the others working that day made is so incredibly easy for me to do my job and I thank them one and all.

Finally–to a great couple who really know how to bring it all together!

Postcard perfect day!

Orchids by Ilex Designs

Stunning table sets by Be Our Guest

Lighting by Swank Audio Visuals

Column drapery by Masquerade Enterprises

A perfect ending to a perfect night (video light provided just right by my stellar 2nd cameraman, Chris Gagne.

Vendor Info:

Boston Harbor Hotel

Florist: Ilex Designs

Column Drapery by Masquerade Enterprises

Lighting by Swank Audio Visuals

Table settings by Be Our Guest

Entertainment: I’ll leave you with one final song from Larry Watson: