Kate & Steve’s excellent adventure

Lobster love in Fan Hall.

Steve and Kate wanted something distinctly Boston so they devised their own version of TTD.  With a swagger that few people could pull off they tramped about Boston kissing, loving and drinking lemonade from Faneuil Hall to the MFA with stops in between. After a beautiful ceremony in the unique Class of 1959 Chapel at the Harvard Business School, and an afternoon brunch reception at the Four Seasons these two were not done as if evidenced in the photos. Lots of fun and I’m sure a few memories. When your bride tells you that her Dad can steer a car with his knees while loading a machine gun any Boston wedding photographer would perk up quickly to what might come next.

Harvard Business School Chapel on Western Ave was one of the most unique structures I've photographed (both inside and out).


Inside the Chapel light streams in from the glass ceiling.

When Life gives you lemons...

Horsey ride with his new bride.


As sure as anything--it will always be windy along the St. James Street side of the Hancock Tower.

Waiting on their bus or limo--this is where they get the ride-off-into-the-sunset ride.


Sneak Peak! Sherri & JJ

Some love on the Fish Pier.

Just a few quick ones from this beautiful wedding day for Sherri and JJ at the Seaport Hotel and environs. Weather was perfect after so much rain. Fun people all at this mega-wedding–what more can a Boston wedding photographer ask for.

Model perfect.

JJ is doing alright for himself here. This is a man who knows how to dress! Tip #1: Get a beautiful girl and hold on.

The garden behind the Winter Garden was the perfect place for the reveal.

Mama gettin' some lovin'.

The boyz and there were a ton of them!


Sis and niece lookin fab on the aisle.


A kiss is just a kiss--unless it's this one.


The speech...

...and some heartfelt tears.


Gettin' down--these folks could "move it, move it!"

Wedding Swirl

Some quickies from the Wedding Swirl hosted by Veronica of Blue Ivy. Made some bookings, got to sample the wares and schmooze with my colleagues in the industry. Many I’ve worked with these past 6 years and looking forward to working with the others. Asked by V if I’d do it again and the answer is yes!

My girl with Shannon Michelle sitting on our Prop Factory sofa.

Tangerine Creations creation.

Nantucket Island Resorts


Samples from the Cookie Creatives by Jennifer


Cakes and other goodies from Amanda Oakleaf.


The ladies from Gretta Cole dancing up a storm at the "Swirl".

Cheryl & Norm and Orchids at the Mass Audubon’s Habitat

It was through a random conversation that this Boston wedding photographer had during a smidgen of downtime at the Mass Audubon Habitat in Belmont when I learned of Norm’s knowledge and apparent love for orchidaceae or the orchid. I told him how I buy them, usually from Trader Joe’s, and can never get them to re-flower–let alone live more than a month in my captivity. While he told me many things about how to care for these delicate flowers his advice was to just “lightly mist” the plant–particularly the flower.  He said this absolutely nonchalantly as if it just made sense. Problem solved. There may be a metaphor here and I could go into how it relates to marriage and relationships but I won’t.  What I will say is this–Norm gets it. I see what Cheryl sees in him and somehow this one little shred of his character gleaned from a snippet of idle conversation in the middle of his wedding said so much.

Just FYI the orchid my wife, Asha, received for being a room parent at my daughter’s school is still full of flowers and thriving–lightly misting all the way.

Cheryl adds the finishing touch to her wedding look--what else a single orchid.

Last look before wowing her waiting groom.

Sneaking up on Norm.

Norm gets a first hand look.

Home grown from Norm's personal stock.

Practicing some dance moves in a quiet moment.

The hardware amongst the flora of Cheryl's bouquet.

Something old.

Mom worried about the details wipes a lipstick kiss at the alter.

The vows.

Rings readied to be passed throughout the audience to be blessed by each.

Lots of emotions at the alter.

Sealed with a kiss.

The main room.

Passed apps stuffed new red potatoes with mushrooms.

The toasts became roasts.

Our night ended with a first dance...

And a last kiss.

Once again I must thank my wonderful assistant, Renee, and all these other wonderful vendors:

Caterer: Season to Taste Catering (Cambridge)

Florist: Jeri Solomon Floral Design (Melrose)

Cake or desserts by: Dessertworks (Norwood)

Linen & Chairs (If other than venue): Linens: Be Our Guest

Calligraphy, Invitation and all stationery Design: Designed by our bride, Cheryl McCaffrey

Entertainment Provided By: George Farrell Jazz Band (Boston)

Wedding gown by: Alix and Kelly

Jewelry by: Earrings by Swarovksi, Gold mesh bracelet by J. Crew, Silver antique bracelet, Cheryl’s Grandmother’s, Engagement and wedding ring by Jade Moran

Make-up by: Chantal Ambroise for Bobbi Brown

Somerville Americana

Dharma and The Doongs! salute the troops.

We may be all anti-war, hippie, crushy, peace lovin’ creatures here at DMPJ but we can always remember those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice and others that are in harms way today–from Iraq to right here in Somerville. Peace and BBQ to all.

Flags on Boston Common memorializing all the fallen from Mass.

Memorial Day - Somerville, Mass. May 30, 2011

Just graduated from Harvard, random shots in Somerville, Mass.

Sapna & Michael – A quick preview

Wow! This was easy shooting these two in such a beautiful place.

The guys.

Why you use two photogs. Great vantage point had by Chris. Photo by Gagne

“Magical” comment from lovely MOB

Do you hear that Asha--I'm no muggle!

My favorite comment this year and certainly way up there on the all time list. Thank you, Kathy. While I do find it amazing to be party to moments like these, the magic is in the moment. I gotta think there must be some magic between these two to begin with.  I look for this at every wedding but only rarely does it all come together like this; maybe that is magic–with a tad bit of luck and a dash of skill.

Jaime & Erik and some French cookin’ at the Veronique Ballroom

We moved the furniture and created the light but Jaime and Erik made it happen.

Thinking back to our late October fall foliage shoot in the Arnold Arboretum Jaime and Erik were game for just about anything. I had them climbing trees and basically hoofing it all over the place. For their wedding we were all in one place as we had the run of the Veronique Ballroom at the Longwood Towers in Brookline.  While the venue was eye candy it was upstaged by this couple and all their incredible friends and family who laughed and danced all night long. Erik was particularly light on his feet but it is his love of photography and technology where I find commonality.  He’s a very good amateur photog and even shot a time-lapse of his entire day (I still need the link to it).

Making pretty.

The reveal. Photo by Tony.

The reveal, part deux.

The reveal, part trois. Photo by Tony

Ring shot courtesy of Tony via the 100mm macro from LPTG.

Erik circling his bride.

Wrapped in a Tallit while under the Chuppah.

Creating our own little patch of sunlight for some shots along the Emerald Necklace.

The main ballroom all aglow and ready to serve its purpose.

Mom getting a little teary-eyed as she delivers some words to the happy couple. Photo by Tony.

First dance contemporary jig.

Spinning into oblivion. Photo by Tony

And, of course, some traditional dance. Photo by Tony

Every family has this guy that can get the crowd moving.

Nice light to end the night--thanks for the assist from Tony with the Lowepro video light.


Many thank you’s to my Johnny-on-the-spot second camera, Tony Yu and to the staff at the Veronique, especially Cindy. The florist was EBSD Orchids N’ Blooms. The Entertainment was provided by Murray Hill Entertainment (Scott Arrington). We worked with Hair for Eternity by Carolina–good luck with the baby.  As always we can’t make it look good without all these folks and countless more that are not named.

Michelle & Sean, The Super Moon and how to use the semicolon (;)

Love in a limo; Livin' it up while we are going to the party.

When I photographed Michelle and Sean’s engagement session last Winter I had one burning question for these astute scholars of language and grammer, “How do you properly use the semicolon?”  I am a friend of the “long dash”; I sprinkle it around  my writing; I’m caught constantly peppering just about every paragraph with it.

Dictionary.com says, “A semicolon is used to separate two parts of a sentence that have a relationship to each other in terms of meaning when each part could stand alone as a sentence in its own right.” Is this not a great metaphor for these two? And lets hope that I’m using that word correctly.

Michelle and Sean were married; Holy Cross was the backdrop for their incredible wedding ceremony; Lord Thompson Manor pulled out all the stops for an elegant reception where the crowd danced the night away; a super moon appeared just for good measure. [I’m sure run-on sentences are still a no-no but you get the idea]

Some pre-ceremony shots.

The dress hanging in the Carriage House.

The shoes!

Cupid's torch can heat water forever, and make someone love another unendingly.

Michelle right before the reveal.

Window light makes everything alright.

Having some fun with the guys. Photo by Chris Gagne

Wedding Party shot out the Manor dining room window. Photo by Chris.

A smooch before leaving the church. Photo by Chris Gagne.

A surprise for the guests; some practiced dance moves!

Michelle's Mom and Dad share a moment as the couple shares their first dance.

Super Moonlight to end the night. Photo by Chris Gagne; he did all the hard work on this one!

Check this out: Many thanks to my awesome second camera: Chris Gagne and the staff at Lord Thompson Manor. Brick Park had them movin’ and groovin’ until the very end. Michelle’s wedding gown was by Mikaella and her hair and makeup were done by Lindsey Quaglia. All the calligraphy was done by the bride’s Mom!

I couldn’t resist this iPhone grab

iPhone grab as a couple poses for their photographer in La Antigua Guatemala.

I just had to take it. The wedding photog in me begged me but I didn’t have a camera or did I? The iPhone does the trick and the Guatemalan photog didn’t mind. I used  TrueHDR to get the exposure in the fading light. Maybe I’ll start shooting all my weddings with iPhones and iPads–or maybe not but it is useful when there is no camera on hand.