The way we do things around here

December late afternoon light…makes everything alright

With a big assist from Gagne holding the gelled speedlight.

Gorgeous model-like bride + awesome late afternoon light from the thin December sun + Gagne more than ably positioning our gelled speedlight = very easy portrait session. Jenn rocked her late Grandmother’s coat for warmth and wow. I’m addicted to the gel these days for daylight shots. Too bad we couldn’t get them both out here together but Gagne had the sun and strobe working for him in this fun shot of the Groomsmen (Dads included–not bad air for men of a certain age at all).

Usually we don't encourage this kind of behavior but the "surfer-style" pose from our Groom and "air guitar leap" make it!

A Boston wedding photographer can not ask for more from a December wedding and the Lyman Estate in Waltham provided the perfect backdrop not only for these shoots but for the cozy ceremony and reception that followed. The food and desserts from Cuisine Chez Vous filled their tummies and DJ Raffi helped them groove it all off with an stellar mix of music for all in attendance.

Nothing like having your best girl double as make-up artist--gotta say it was a stellar job well done!

Opportune catch by Chris Gagne.

Proud Papa and his baby girl.

Hustle it up so we don't keep Aaron waiting.

Outside looking in but the only way to get this angle sometimes.

The "decisive moment" of the decisive moment.

Gone is the gloaming but porch lamps and Gagne on the speedlight give another perfect assist for Mr & Mrs.

My 50mm 1.2 lens does me justice here soaking up all the ambient light needed.

First dance of many that night.

I love this shot from Chris of the same moment my shot (2 above). Its a slightly better angle and why we always use 2 photogs.

DJ Raffi has them moving...

and goovin' or whatever this is.

The flower girl dancing with her mama.

Stealing a kiss on the stairway at nights end. Photo by Chris Gagne

The End or rather, The Beginning!

The Proposal – She said, “Yes!”

The moment of a lifetime, Rob pops the question and the answer is obvious.

When Heather Vaughn from Simply U Events & Proposals called me to see if we’d do a surprise marriage proposal, I started begging her to let us do this. Yep, hiding in the bushes while the hero, Rob, orchestrates a picnic and a ring for our heroine, Tanya. They went to Parlee Farms in Tyngsboro, MA and aparently, the staff were in on this whole thing, as Ellen (staff there) told us exactly where to hide. What Boston Wedding Photographer would pass this up- not us!

Too fun. So worth it! Enjoy Rob & Tanya!

Note: Josh London, one of our second cameras this wedding season, made this happen for Rob and Tanya with a 70-200mm lens and a 2x teleconverter from his peeping Tom spot in the bushes. Look for more of Josh’s work on our site:

Chris, his landscapes & the photos he creates…

Chris Gagne– DMPJ’s Senior Photographer: how does he do it?

Many couples often ask what other types of photography I’m involved in.   My first love in photography is documentary style.  Working as a photojournalist at Boston Now and attending Glen Cooper’s Reportage field trips in Guatemala have helped craft me into the photographer I am today.
There is however another type of photography that inspires me and has had an impact on how I look at wedding photography.  Its landscapes.   Landscape image making has always been a passion of mine.
From road trips cross country to California to flying high above shooting stunt planes over a incredible view of Rhode Island.  Landscape photography is the work I love to hang in my home.  I love to be reminded of all the wonderful places I’ve traveled.
Most of my work is representational, but some photos are starting to move slightly into the impressionistic.   Urban, rural, city-scapes, industrial, environmental,  it’s all wonderful to capture.
The wedding work I see myself producing has a certain kinship with the landscape photographer’s eye.   Example, I love to shoot at the 24 mm focal length. The lens itself shoots wider then almost all point and shoot cameras giving you a real feel for the environment.  This is a focal length popular with landscape photographers and photojournalist alike.  Also, there is a big relationship between the landscape photo and the environmental portrait.
Some of my favorite portrait (engagement or wedding) sessions have been here on the beautiful Massachusetts beaches.   The goal for me, is find the perfect light, compose a compelling background, and shoot at a wide angle to give the couple a sense of presence.

My next self assignment is to venture into America’s National Parks to document and take away the most amazing natural landscapes ever.   Ken Burns six part PBS series The National Parks: America’s Best Idea has been the catalyst. Stay tuned.
Chris Gagne is a graduate of New England School of Photography and has been a Boston Wedding Photographer for DMPJ for over two years. He blends photojournalism & artistic photography to tell stories. We are proud to have him as part of our team!

Price is great, but Chemistry is better

Sally & Matt-- photos like this happens when talent meets awesome clients

Sally & Matt-- photos like this happen when talent meets awesome clients

There is much talk these days about the economy, and although we are all sensitive to the topic, we cannot let it determine every decision. I (Asha- Glen’s  partner & wife) have coach other artist in growing their business, and I see that many folks use money as an obstacle to realizing their dreams. Trust me, I can come up with the best of excuses when I don’t want to do something or when I am afraid to do something, but I try to keep this one in check.

So, I always ask myself and others, “If money were not an obstacle, what would you do?” This always gets people thinking in a totally different plane. Look, I don’t want to deter people from their budget, especially with wedding planning and how outrageously expensive it can be, but when you have chemistry, I feel like how much you spend is secondary.

As a company we invest in consultants, assistance, and advertising, and clients, but we don’t just engage with just any one or anything. We trust our gut. We listen to what feels right. It was worked so far, and we have the best clients. We really do! People always joke with me about “Bridezillas”– we honestly, don’t have any.  We operate from a space of connecting with clients, photographers, and a network that is in alignment with who we are.

I advice the same for couples: meet the photographer, and get a sense of how you feel around them– do you want to spend 8-10hr on one of the most intimate days of your life? If it feels right, trust that. Nothing like spending $1K less than the photographer you really wanted, having bad chemistry, and ending up with mediocre pictures. After all the work you’ve put into the wedding, chemistry is key.

And of course, as a Boston Wedding Photographers, we love it when people tell us that Photography is on their top 2 in wedding planning. Yeah, that’s someone with their priorities in the right place. 😉

Remember, if you can: Chemistry first, Price second.



Asha Ramakrishna is a writer and  Director of Business Development at DMPJ. She makes sure the vision of each client is materialized in the wedding photos & album process. She’s Glen’s partner and wife. They stay on their toes due to two little girls who have more energy than an energizer bunny, and they are crazy about traveling to far away lands as a family. For more visit, and