Codman Estate

Lissa & Brian: One I just had to post

Seated firmly on a moss covered bench in an English garden surrounded by Nature–this is how I see them.

Lissa  and Brian wrote me a while back and thanked me for “getting” them. I really don’t know if I can say that but what I can say is that these are the kinds of people, Good People, that we should all try to “get”.  I feel honored to have been a part of their nuptials that day at the beautiful Codman Estate. What I do see is two people deeply in Love and very committed. Two that are One in so many ways. These folks have been an item since birth (well at least somewhere in toddlerhood). They survived high school, colleges, distances, and time–the Mutha of all relationship killers.  I met them photographing Brian’s sisters wedding and could tell how attentive they were to the process and making that day special. Brian played violin (I hope I have that instrument correct but it was some sort of violin-looking thing). Lissa was doing DIY reception set-up until the 11th hour all to make that day special for Brian’s sis.

Then came our engagement shoot in Nahant–they scaled cliffs and forded tidal surges to allow me some epic shots–all with a nonchalance like they’ve done this many times before.

There are many people on this Green Earth–if you are lucky enough to run into these two woodland creatures–approach slowly, with a kind heart and just try to get them–it will make you smile.

Hope you didn’t think there’d be some ostentatious gown after that intro–simple and perfect.

More simplicity done right–thanks to Faxon Green:

Getting ready–5 minutes ’til–not your usual bride.

Brian is gonna need some help.

…And he gets plenty.

The rings in the Nature of her bouquet.

Ceremony site in the Italian Garden.




Almost time–some last minute jitters?

The long road ahead?

Some fun before we head down the ceremony–sorta American Gothic-ish.

We don’t want to be stumbling down the aisle.

As in LIfe they will be hand-in-hand for their entrance to their ceremony.

I don’t know who the statue guy was but he seems to approve.

Afterwards family gathers in such an organic way–no formal receiving line–just being real.

Great assist from my stellar 2nd cam Tony Yu with the off camera soft light sweetness.

The sun graced them just after the ceremony.

Reception outside the Carriage House.

Faxon Green’s flora.

and still more woman-created Natural flora.

And still more fauna–this little finch was lining its nest with these things.

Did she call ahead and ask the florist what the bouquet was wearing?

Cocktail magical hour.

The English Garden again.

Nothing says New England like a well made stone wall.

The colors of the buffet.

Homemade pie in place of cake–baked by all the friends and family: Peach, apple and blueberry-yum 🙂


One last kiss good night.