Lauren & Steven at New Seabury and Popponesset Inn

Beautiful twilight is everything in this shot as Steve and Lauren pose for in impromptu portrait.

In Greek myth, Narcissus was a beautiful young man who rejected all potential lovers, but then tragically fell in love with his own reflection in a pool. Why start a blog like that? Because this is all about Steven–and the simple fact that as beautiful, athletic, sensitive and intelligent as he may be–he is also smart enough to know that Lauren trumps any reflection.  Never have I met a man so completely comfortable with himself and so full of self-love that his mere presence is infectious to all around him.   Most men could never come close to pulling this off  as he can shift between utter machismo and emotionally feminine without skipping a beat. Its takes a special kind of woman to match this stride for stride and Lauren is the perfect fit.

Lauren and Steven chose the magnificent resort at New Seabury and the Popponesset Country Club for their wedding reception.  The last time I was here for a wedding 3 groomsmen went skinny dipping in front of all the wedding guests so I was ready for anything this time. Maybe its the salt air but this wedding had an energy that rocked us all night long. I tend to think that the force field that surrounds these two special people could power a small city–as evidenced below. Enjoy. I certainly did.

The Dress and The Beach.

The hardware.

The girls approve.


Dudes on parade.

Cute. Beautiful. Simple.


The Church - Christ the King Church in Mashpee.


Proud Papa and his girl.


Makin' it official--put a ring on it!


Running the gauntlet with flags a flyin'...


And high-fivin', fist bumping and smilin' all the way.


The family #1.

Family # 1A.

Love in the Marketplace at Popponesset.

More Marketplace--so many kitschy things to take advantage of in here.

The local watering hole.

The Gang, Posse, Entourage, etc.


Playing poker--totally staged but fun none-the-less.



Battery powered love machine.


Perfect light.

Perfectly comfortable holding his girl's purse or her bouquet.

Sunset kisses.

Even works in BW.

Hand-in-hand together in Life.


How they really are.


More natural beauty.

Details, details...


Pumping up the energy waiting on the main attraction.

No strings attached and he has no harness.

Everybody got into the act.

Dancing with Dad.


And Mom.


An embarrassment of dessert riches provided the fuel.

For the madness that ensued--no dress malfunction here.


This guy is at every wedding.


Little bro getting some air!

Party rock.

Not a great shot but I had to submit it as evidence that Steven could bring it!

Signature cocktail: The Perfect Pair Lemonade (vodka + raspberry pink lemonade) 🙂


Thanks guys for making this fun!

Blowing off a little steam playing big brother and sister

Michael, Jacobo and I--of course I'm eating banana bread from Dona Luisa's.

After almost a week spent traipsing through the Guatemalan countryside and hoofing it around Guatemala City we spent the day at an orphanage in Patzun about 2 hours from La Antigua. It was great for the students to let off a little steam as they hugged the kids, played soccer with them and, of course, photographed it all. Here’s some fun shots from the last few days of my stellar crew working and playing hard!

VR Workshop: Guatemala 2011

La Limonada one of the largest and most dangerous barrios in Guatemala City.

Taking workshops are a great way to grow as photographers and as people but teaching workshops, like our Visual Reportage Workshops, takes this to a whole other level of personal enrichment. For the past 5 years we’ve been working with The Gods Child Project documenting some of the social issues facing Guatemala. Our relationships have now grown to include various media organizations and the Bomberos Voluntarios (Volunteer Firefighters of Guatemala). Asha and I have also developed a relationship with a group of Mayan midwives in Tuila (North of Coban) where we’ve been trying to help them and their communities in any way we can for the past 3 years. It is great work; hard work but ultimately rewarding for us.

All this work forever supports our growth as a business. We feel it makes us not only better photographers but keeps our perspective on all things centered. These are a small selection of images from the past couple days as our group has just begun to really get started this trip. Please enjoy and find a way to spread the word.

My students from left: Noah, Max, Aram, Dawn, Tommy, Katie, Ray (TA) and Cate strike a pose in Zona 3.

A Mayan farmer returning to his village after working in the fields all day outside the town of Fray Bartolome de las casas.

The Mayan micro community of Naranjo near Tuila north of Coban.

Ryan making some friends in Naranjo.

A man explaining the significance of the colored candles on the way up to El Carvalleho in Coban. I lit yellow protection candles for all my group and so far its worked!

Some candles for my wife and girls: Pink for love, Red for my relationship, Blue for business and two White for protection for my daughters.

Mayan lunch being prepared for us. It was a very typical chicken soup and corn tortillas, of course.

Some tools of the trade mix with some toys outside one of the homes in the Mayan village.

Market day along the road from Tuila to Semuc Champey.

My staring down into a close call. Driving at night is dangerous as the paved road ended right where the new bridge as to be built.

Orientation at the firehouse as a couple lucky few will get to document a 24 hour shift with the paramedics in Guatemala City.

Aram testing his skills on the fire pole--its the fastest way down!

The main dump for all of Guatemala City is like an ant hill teaming with people competing with machines for precious scraps before they are bulldozed to make more room.

Noah and Max on some of the tombs in the main cemetery in Guatemala City.

I’ll post more work as we go along but check us out on facebook as well:

Ashley and Carlo in La Antigua, Guatemala: Quick Look

Three days. Ruins. Golf. Cafe No Se and of course the wedding extravaganza:

Saqi and Tejas in Bethesda, Maryland

When I met with Saqi and Tejas at their incredible pad in here in the Boston area I was heading to Mumbai, India. We spoke about their wedding and I was off to discover just a small part of the wonderful country of their heritage. The sights and sounds of India made me realize that their DC-area wedding would be a sight to behold–and photograph!

Their wedding celebration, stretching over 2 days, from the Sangeet to Baraat to the ceremony and reception were a beautiful and very colorful affair filled with a cacophony of laughter, music, prayer and pure fun!  I’m absolutely sure that a true Indian wedding celebration is 90% for the guests enjoyment. As a wedding photojournalist this was pure eye-candy. I asked my good friend and stellar photojournalist, William Plowman, to take a short brake from his usual coverage of the goings-on up at Capitol Hill to help me with this one and I could not have covered all the details as well as Leslie Duss did as our super-assistant for the day–thank you to both.

A quick photo session prior to their Sangeet.

Wedding party and friends have some fun with some fireworks on the way to the Sangeet.

The ballroom at the Bethesda Marriott with up lights working hard.

The cake via Creative Cakes.

Dancing the night away--deep, deep into the night.

Florist: Prabha B
Cake by: Creative Cakes
Event Planner: Prabha Bhambri
Entertainment Provided By: DJ Jatin
Wedding gown by: Paaneri (Mumbai)
Jewelry by: Sia Jewelery (Mumbai)
Hair and make-up by: Creative Images Hair & Makeup Artistry LLC

Ashley & Carlo explore la ruinas de Dolores de la cruz

Ashley & Carlo from brynmore on Vimeo.

When I asked Brynmore to come down to Gautemala to shoot video for this wedding I knew I wanted a video product that fit with our wedding photojournalism style and if this short clip is any indication of what’s to come I’m sure Ashley and Carlo’s over-the-top, blowout of a fiesta will not disappoint.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we spent the day with these two shooting in these little known ruins right in La Antigua (thank you Jacobo). Even with the looming threat of rain and mosquitos Ashley and Carlo were always laughing–sometimes at me and most of the time with us all. We had a great time as witnessed in the video and Sade’s “By Your Side” just gels it all together.

We spent 12 hours at their wedding last night so I can only imagine how much footage Brynmore will have to pour over in the next few weeks.

La Antigua Guatemala – Having some fun on our day off

Cero de la cruz overlooking La Antigua Guatemala and Agua Volcano in the background.

We’ve been working hard these last couple days and we have a day to ourselves before the rehearsal tonight at Casa Santo Domingo. I got up early and took a tuk-tuk to the Cero mirador for this view of Antigua. My driver reminded me of how dangerous this area can be at times but I didn’t see anyone. I set up for some HDR photography and waited as those clouds passed by volcano Agua in the background. I knew exactly the look I was going for, which certainly helps when setting out to do this. I wanted an old, antique look for the photo to go in Ashley and Carlo’s wedding album.

After shooting the overlook I hiked down and found the perfect, crumbling, faded, paint-splashed wall on the side of a shop that I wanted to layer into my shot.  From there is was Photomatix Pro, PS4 and NIK that gave me the exact look I was shooting for.

Let me know what you think and I’d be happy to share my process for those that want a tutorial.

Enchanted Guatemala

Ashley and Carlo shine right through the unsettled Gautemalan “Winter” weather at La Reunion outside La Antigua.

When Carlo and Ashley asked me about photographing their wedding in Guatemala, a place that has captivated my spirit since I first journeyed there 5 years ago, I created a vision in my mind from the start. I have to say that our pre-wedding shoot-around surpassed even my wildest visions of “what-could-be”.  With my buddy, Brynmore Williams, shooting stellar video and my incredible friend, Jacobo Quan Hidalgo, sherpa-ing equipment and holding lights, we were able to capture some beautiful scenes.

Walking through La Reunion in the rain.

We started the day at Casa Santo Domingo where we will photograph their wedding this Saturday. From there we moved on to these little known and barely visited ruins just blocks away from all the tourista traps in the center of La Antigua.  This was Jacobo’s secret find. Once a beautiful church it was destroyed by an earthquake and subsequent flood in the 1600s. Now it is owned by the mayor of Antigua.

Jacobo with all of Brynmore’s video equipment at Casa Santo Domingo before we headed out.

Guacamayas mate for life and these two kept us busy while we waited for Ashley and Carlo to primp.

Ashley rockin’ it at the ruins of Dolores de la cruz in La Antigua.

Carlo helping his princess navigate the grounds around Dolores.

Racin’ golf carts at La Reunion.

Bermuda with Dana & Janelle

A perfect Bermuda afternoon for Dana and Janelle's ceremony right on the ocean at The Reefs Resort.

A weeklong cruise to Bermuda aboard the NCL Spirit out of Boston for an incredible wedding at The Reefs Resort with Janelle and Dana. When I met these these two we were discussing options about me flying down to Bermuda for the wedding ceremony when they said, “We’d like to have you along for the cruise.” When we were done with our conversation they invited all my girls on a 7-day odyssey across the mid-Atlantic. With clients like this I don’t even need to make time for family vacations.

The weather was fabulous in Bermuda for their ceremony right by the ocean and then we shot formals in the late evening sunlight right on the beach with a small reception and cake cutting at the resort. Afterward it was a bash of dancing and “Jager-bombs” back aboard the ship.

The dress hangs on the balcony of their shipboard suite.

Dana looking all RL on the main deck in his linen suite and shades.

Janelle gets her own time on deck after the boyz leave for the ceremony but we switched sides due to the wind.

Janelle looking fine in the theatre on board the NCL Spirit before heading out to the ceremony.

Janelle and her girls model in some ancient, box-like booth-thing that was once used to make telephone calls.

The Reefs Resort, about 20 minutes drive from the dockyard. What a place for a ceremony!

Dana had more than local scenery to mesmerize him as he watches Janelle and Dad walk down the aisle.

Late day sunshine and this gorgeous place makes life easy for me--just point and shoot.

Time for some fun for the wedding guests during the reception.

...and they danced and spun the night away back aboard the Spirit.

After knots were tied and receptions danced we still had 1 more day to play in the beautiful, turquoise blue waters surrounding this Island before our 2 day voyage back to Boston.
Anyone who knows us as a family knows that this is not the type of vacation we usually book. I think the all-you-can-eat buffets, pirate kids’ pool and constant fun and games aboard our floating hotel made my girls realize that there are other types of vacations besides the schlep we usually have them endure traipsing through 3rd world countries on a shoestring budget.  An incredible experience none-the-less and maybe this will delay the inevitable trip to Disney for a while.

This was our day off--pretty nice, huh.

Dharma being Dharma and The Doongs! being Sarada?

Magic shows, stand-up comics, dancers, aerial acrobats, gambling (if you are into that), food (did I mention the buffets) and more...

Magic shows, stand-up comics, dancers, aerial acrobats, gambling (if you are into that), food (did I mention the buffets) and more...

Michael and Niveen – The Lyman Estate, Waltham, Mass.

Lyman Estate WeddingLyman Estate WeddingPakistani wedding at Lyman EstateLyman Estate WeddingLyman Estate Wedding cakeSanta Barbara beach weddingFess Parker WeddingSanta Barbara Pakistani WeddingSanta Barbara Pakistani Wedding RingsSanta Barbara Pakistani WeddingFess Parker Santa Barbara Pakistani WeddingSanta Barbara Pakistani WeddingSanta Barbara Pakistani WeddingSanta Barbara Pakistani WeddingFess Parker Santa Barbara WeddingFess Parker Santa Barbara Wedding

Michael and Niveen couldn’t have just one wedding. Some with family split on opposite coasts and from all over the World they celebrated twice. Once in the Boston area at the Lyman Estate and the other 10 months later in sunny Santa Barbara, California. For a photojournalist like myself, I was just psyched to photograph these two people (great people), two cultures coming together and just tons of friends and family.

First up was the Lyman Estate on a wicked cold New England winter night in January that made for some spectacular visual imagery of their Pakistani wedding ceremony and reception. Then, it was off to Santa Barbara for a beautiful beach ceremony and crazy outdoor California reception amongst the palm trees of the West Coast.