Country Weddings

Diana + Ryan’s beautiful Summer Wedding


The Connors Center, Dover, Mass.

Diana and Ryan are that couple that’s always smiling and laughing. I remember from our epic engagement session how Ryan just wanted to please Diana–he was game for anything and it really made things easy that day. Fast forward to their wedding and the forecasted threat of rain never materialized but not for one minute did either of these two show any concern. It just didn’t matter. All their friends and family were here and they were going to party and celebrate like crazy.

The Connors Center is such a fabulous venue to photograph with stone archways, epic staircases and beautiful gardens. And that natural rustic beauty inspired them to have a beautiful clear-topped reception tent. St. John the Evangelist Church provided a grand space for the nuptials and the Connors Center did the rest. An amazing clear top tent sent amidst the beautiful back garden area at the Connors Center was a beautiful unique addition. It brought in the connection to the outdoor space that just worked for their wedding. Great tunes from DJ Beas from HOT 96.9 in Boston pumped the crowd up all night long as this crowd never left the dance floor. Fun. Beautiful. Wedding.


Caterer: Capers Catering

Cake: Treats

Entertainment: DJ Reggie Beas

Venue: The Connors Center

Wedding Dress/Bridal Shop: Allure Romance

Florist: Busy Bee Florist

Kelly + Brian and beautiful wedding landscapes

Wedding Landscape PhotographyBride Getting ReadyBride Getting ReadyGroomsmen being groomsmenBridesmaids get bride readyBridal Portrait Bride PortraitBride and bridesmaidsPensive brideWedding tearsFirst KissRecessionalWedding KissBride and groom portraitBridal Portrait closeupKiss under veilWedding Landscape PortraitWedding Landscape PortraitBride and groom portaitSunset Bridal PortraitFirst DanceWedding Cake042015815_013339.jpgGroom consoles brideWedding Landscape PortraitSunset Wedding PortraitsSunset Wedding Photos012015815_071750.jpg052015815_085115.jpg052015815_085227.jpgCatch the garter!Glow stick danceGlow stick danceGlow stick danceKiss a frogGlow stick dance

When I met Kelly, owner of Maria of Italy Bridal Boutique, to discuss photographing her wedding we were both gearing up for the upcoming wedding season. We met at her studio in downtown Plymouth on a cool, somewhat rainy night. I instantly knew she had big ides about how her wedding was to look and had most of the details planned out right down to the two custom-tailored wedding gowns she crafted for herself. As I listened to Kelly and her fiance Brian tell me about their wedding plans I knew this was a wedding I wanted to photograph. Not only were they a great couple together but they both had great style and really wanted some epic photographs.

From the beautiful ceremony at St. Anthony’s Parish in Taunton to the landscapes at the LeBaron Hills this was a very picturesque setting–and Mother Nature cooperated with some incredible late evening Summer sunset sky. We danced into the evening with glow sticks and someone even kissed a frog hoping for their prince to arrive.



Cake: Guilty Bakery in Plymouth, MA

Entertainment: White Label Wedding DJs (Craig Harriman)

Venue: LeBaron Hills Country Club

Wedding Dress/Bridal Shop: Maria of Italy Bridal Boutique

Florist: Flair Flora

Nikki + Keilin’s late Summer wedding at the Lyman

Lyman Wedding bride and groomLyman Wedding bride and groomBridesmaids in NatureFather and brideThe Wedding KissReceiving LineWedding Lawn GamesBride and Groom low light portraitBride and Groom low light portraitFirst Dance042015816_082935.jpg042015816_083436.jpg042015816_085954.jpg042015816_093533A.jpgWedding danceBride and Groom low light portrait

My favorite classic New England Estate to photograph a wedding, especially during the Summer months. These guys had their ceremony on the back lawn, a bunch of fun lawn games to play and even had dinner al fresco. The Lyman has plenty of nooks and quite spaces inside and out.

Great bunch of vendors helped make it all a beautiful day/night:

Florist: The Concord Flower Shop

Caterer: Tastings

Entertainment: Rob Wier

Venue and linen and chairs: Lyman Estate

You don’t always have to understand

Winter Solstice bonfire in full blaze.

As I snapped away I chanted.  Shoulder to shoulder with like-minded brethren under a cloudy night’s sky I thought. I thought about what really matters.  Was it important that I recognized this moment as our annual moment of rebirth or that it “occurs exactly when the axial tilt of a planet’s polar hemisphere is farthest away from the star that it orbits”? I thought how wonderful it was to be somewhere celebrating Life with my little family and my father. I thought about how lucky we are to have moved to such a Magical little place where this is commonplace. I thought about how amazing it was to nosh and nog and mingle with folk afterwards at the party. I thought about the stars and how the rising embers from the fire took their place if only briefly above our heads. I drifted from one beautiful thought to the next like a distance runner gliding effortlessly over a Spiritual plane that his feet never quite made contact with. I was on a Solstice High as we circled the flame. I heard my girls chatting away with their grandfather. I felt my Wife’s caring hand as she brushed the burning sparks off my hat. In the dark I bumped along meeting new people with a friendly nod or smile.

I don’t know if I understood all the Spiritual talk swirling about from our incredibly gracious hosts BUT, what I can say is that I enjoyed our shared community experience. It was simple. Sometimes simple is best.

Sparrow speaks his mind and enlightens.

Chanting. Burning. Chanting. Burning.



Lissa & Brian: One I just had to post

Seated firmly on a moss covered bench in an English garden surrounded by Nature–this is how I see them.

Lissa  and Brian wrote me a while back and thanked me for “getting” them. I really don’t know if I can say that but what I can say is that these are the kinds of people, Good People, that we should all try to “get”.  I feel honored to have been a part of their nuptials that day at the beautiful Codman Estate. What I do see is two people deeply in Love and very committed. Two that are One in so many ways. These folks have been an item since birth (well at least somewhere in toddlerhood). They survived high school, colleges, distances, and time–the Mutha of all relationship killers.  I met them photographing Brian’s sisters wedding and could tell how attentive they were to the process and making that day special. Brian played violin (I hope I have that instrument correct but it was some sort of violin-looking thing). Lissa was doing DIY reception set-up until the 11th hour all to make that day special for Brian’s sis.

Then came our engagement shoot in Nahant–they scaled cliffs and forded tidal surges to allow me some epic shots–all with a nonchalance like they’ve done this many times before.

There are many people on this Green Earth–if you are lucky enough to run into these two woodland creatures–approach slowly, with a kind heart and just try to get them–it will make you smile.

Hope you didn’t think there’d be some ostentatious gown after that intro–simple and perfect.

More simplicity done right–thanks to Faxon Green:

Getting ready–5 minutes ’til–not your usual bride.

Brian is gonna need some help.

…And he gets plenty.

The rings in the Nature of her bouquet.

Ceremony site in the Italian Garden.




Almost time–some last minute jitters?

The long road ahead?

Some fun before we head down the ceremony–sorta American Gothic-ish.

We don’t want to be stumbling down the aisle.

As in LIfe they will be hand-in-hand for their entrance to their ceremony.

I don’t know who the statue guy was but he seems to approve.

Afterwards family gathers in such an organic way–no formal receiving line–just being real.

Great assist from my stellar 2nd cam Tony Yu with the off camera soft light sweetness.

The sun graced them just after the ceremony.

Reception outside the Carriage House.

Faxon Green’s flora.

and still more woman-created Natural flora.

And still more fauna–this little finch was lining its nest with these things.

Did she call ahead and ask the florist what the bouquet was wearing?

Cocktail magical hour.

The English Garden again.

Nothing says New England like a well made stone wall.

The colors of the buffet.

Homemade pie in place of cake–baked by all the friends and family: Peach, apple and blueberry-yum 🙂


One last kiss good night.