Lenox Hotel

Sarah & Noah get married-Redux

Some more photography highlights from Nathan and myself:

Sarah and Noah Getting Married from Glen Cooper on Vimeo.

Wow! I knew Sarah & Noah were special but I guess Grace Ormande thought so too

Two great spreads of pix for two great people and one incredible story. Happy Anniversary!

Just a huge follow up to yesterday’s post full of pub with this from Grace Ormande at Wedding Style New England. A big thank you to them for selecting our images and also to my incredible couple, Sarah and Noah, who let us be part of their star-studded celebration at the Lenox Hotel last New Year’s Eve. Click the link to read all about it here:  http://www.weddingstylemagazine.com/images/pdfs/ne-2011/fw-minnich.pdf.

The 2011 Wedding Style New England Mag is on newsstands now so grab your copy!

Sarah & Noah Getting Married – Happy New Year

12/31/09 - Boston,  - Sarah and Noah are married on New Year's Eve at the Lenox Hotel.

12/31/09 - Boston, - Sarah and Noah are married on New Year's Eve at the Lenox Hotel.

The year that was ended the same way for us at DMPJ as the previous year with a gorgeous, snow covered New Year’s Eve wedding celebration for two beautiful people.  Mozoltov to Sarah and Noah–what a great way to begin a life together.




It is one thing I really push for in the colder months that my couples try to brave the cold and elements.  This gives their wedding another dimension from the interior shots–usually taken with added light from our speedlights.

I always say to my couples not to worry about Mother Nature since she has her own plan but shiny, wet walkways and streets reflect so much light that when mixed with the artificial sources of the street lamps and storefronts contribute so much to the overall image.  Anyone of my couples who have done an engagement shoot with us will tell you that we love taking advantage of the city lights.

A big “thank you” to the GM at the Lenox that got us on the roof-top. It was one of those things that was promised to Sarah and Noah but it took the GM to make it happen at the last minute.

There is nothing like New Year’s Eve in the city. Last year we were down in Providence, Rhode Island for a 400 person fest at the convention center after a blizzard dumped a foot of snow on us all day. It was nice to have this wedding right here in town and thank you to Winter for providing the right form of precipitation sprinkled just lightly enough to make all things pretty.

We had Chris Gagne shooting 5D MII video and it is his sweet and cheap, ah inexpensive, SIMA LED that gives these last two shots the perfect light.  I’m becoming of real fan of these lights for still photography and plan to make the investment to the more expensive but simply better Litepanels brand.

Getting back to the video for a second we are experimenting with fusion products to find the right mix for out style.

We are busy following a tremendous 1-1/2 month trip to India. Michael and I ran a very successful VR workshop in the slums of Mumbai with the help of the organization CORO for Literacy and their incredible staff.  Asha and I finished up the year traveling with the girls in south India as most of you have already seen on our facebook pages.  There is a post coming for our Traveling Family Circus blog soon.

So this is how the year begins with Winter all around us and 2010 weddings piling up.  Visual Reportage is planning our annual Guatemala sojourn and NESoP is giving Michael and I the go for a reportage on Detroit with 16 of our best and brightest students this March.  Asha and I are resting up for the official start of another wedding season sometime in late March.

What I think is best at this point is to just say peace to you all this coming new year and new decade. Let’s hope it can end and begin for us all like is did for Sarah and Noah.