What else we do

Maria, 10, at the dump in El Tejar, Guatemala. She and her sister have no parents and spend everyday working in the trash.

Every March I run our Visual Reportage Workshops program in Guatemala. We work with a great organization, The God’s Child Project, documenting some of the incredible social and economic issues that face most of the population in the country. We have been here for the past week in Guatemala City, La Antigua Guatemala and Escuintla and are headed to Izabal, near the border with Belize, to work with a wild animal sanctuary for 3 days.

More photos so come!

Luis from Nuestros Ahijados talks with sisters, Romelia, 9, and Maria, 10, to see if his organization can help them.


Romelia, 9, works in the dump in El Tejar.


The dumpin El Tejar.


Our VRW Guatemala 2012 group in the main square in La Antigua.


Brian at Tulita Cumi, alcohol and drug rehab center.


Carly laughs as Doug strikes a pose on the way back from Escuintla.


Our uber TA, Nic, models for the cameras.


Landscape at the dump in in Escuintla.


Maria, 47, and Alfonzo, 60, in their hut in the dump in Escuintla. They and their 6 children earn about $3 per day collecting recyclables.


Huffing shoe glue in La Antigua.


Students recording video and audio following a song this young girl sang for them. The God's Child Project in building her family a house.


A young girl, 17, and her 7-month-old daughter in a slum in Esquintla.


Hatha yoga in the street in Guatemala City.


Doug shows off his technique.


Working guy in Guatemala City.


Brian making friends in Guatemala City.


Brother and sister in Guatemala City.