Dump studio session

Maria Josefa Godinas, 49, and her daughter, Gloria Elizabeth, 13.

We spent the day at the dump in El Tejar near La Antigua. Many of my students have been documenting the families that work here for the past week and I wanted to give something back to all of them. Amazing how gracious they were with us. They were all so determined to do whatever was necessary to survive and provide for their children–truly inspiring to the point of tears. It was tough watching the children work in such horrid conditions. Some children as young as seven have not been to school in years.  I watched as The God’s Child Project, the NGO with whom we worked , rescued two little girls. They will be going there Monday to set them up in school and start providing them with financial support–the girls can be little girls again.

Today we brought some studio lights and a back drop to make some portraits of some of these families. I wanted to remove them from the dump as much as possible. They will receive the prints on Monday when the NGO returns. It was an interesting project that I hope to expand on subsequent trips. If you’d like to help  them you can donate here: http://www.godschild.org.

Marta Julia Garcia, 32, Ronald Daniel, 6-months-old, Jorge Mario, 4.


Jorge Antonio, 18, Carmen Lucia, 19 and Ana Lucia, 33.

Edwin Lionel, 13, Jaqueline Susana, 9, Noemi Peres, 16.