You don’t always have to understand

Winter Solstice bonfire in full blaze.

As I snapped away I chanted.  Shoulder to shoulder with like-minded brethren under a cloudy night’s sky I thought. I thought about what really matters.  Was it important that I recognized this moment as our annual moment of rebirth or that it “occurs exactly when the axial tilt of a planet’s polar hemisphere is farthest away from the star that it orbits”? I thought how wonderful it was to be somewhere celebrating Life with my little family and my father. I thought about how lucky we are to have moved to such a Magical little place where this is commonplace. I thought about how amazing it was to nosh and nog and mingle with folk afterwards at the party. I thought about the stars and how the rising embers from the fire took their place if only briefly above our heads. I drifted from one beautiful thought to the next like a distance runner gliding effortlessly over a Spiritual plane that his feet never quite made contact with. I was on a Solstice High as we circled the flame. I heard my girls chatting away with their grandfather. I felt my Wife’s caring hand as she brushed the burning sparks off my hat. In the dark I bumped along meeting new people with a friendly nod or smile.

I don’t know if I understood all the Spiritual talk swirling about from our incredibly gracious hosts BUT, what I can say is that I enjoyed our shared community experience. It was simple. Sometimes simple is best.

Sparrow speaks his mind and enlightens.

Chanting. Burning. Chanting. Burning.