Lissa & Brian explore Nahant

Of all the engagement spots this Boston wedding photographer has photographed over the years Nahant has to be one of my all time favorites. I was so happy Lissa and Brian chose it as I rarely impose my will on the “where”; I like the spots to have meaning for the couples–whenever possible. The day was a bit overcast but warm with a chance of rain but the scenery and all the different nooks and crannies that this gorgeous spot has to offer is Mother Nature in all her glory – no matter the weather. There was one shot where I asked that they go way out on one of the rock formations. The tide was coming in and I knew they had hurry. ¬†These nature lovers easily traversed the rocks and incoming tides but as I was shooting from a good distance away I was only able to watch. A couple of perilous spots and a quick jump had them out on the point. We communicated via cell phones and experimented with different positions. I then ran, camera gear banging against my hip, around to meet them on their return–thankful that my clients were safe but excited to show them the shots. Here’s some for all to enjoy!

My intrepid couple making it look easy (notice tidal gap they had to traverse).

The sun came out just in time to set.