Cheryl & Norm and Orchids at the Mass Audubon’s Habitat

It was through a random conversation that this Boston wedding photographer had during a smidgen of downtime at the Mass Audubon Habitat in Belmont when I learned of Norm’s knowledge and apparent love for orchidaceae or the orchid. I told him how I buy them, usually from Trader Joe’s, and can never get them to re-flower–let alone live more than a month in my captivity. While he told me many things about how to care for these delicate flowers his advice was to just “lightly mist” the plant–particularly the flower.  He said this absolutely nonchalantly as if it just made sense. Problem solved. There may be a metaphor here and I could go into how it relates to marriage and relationships but I won’t.  What I will say is this–Norm gets it. I see what Cheryl sees in him and somehow this one little shred of his character gleaned from a snippet of idle conversation in the middle of his wedding said so much.

Just FYI the orchid my wife, Asha, received for being a room parent at my daughter’s school is still full of flowers and thriving–lightly misting all the way.

Cheryl adds the finishing touch to her wedding look--what else a single orchid.

Last look before wowing her waiting groom.

Sneaking up on Norm.

Norm gets a first hand look.

Home grown from Norm's personal stock.

Practicing some dance moves in a quiet moment.

The hardware amongst the flora of Cheryl's bouquet.

Something old.

Mom worried about the details wipes a lipstick kiss at the alter.

The vows.

Rings readied to be passed throughout the audience to be blessed by each.

Lots of emotions at the alter.

Sealed with a kiss.

The main room.

Passed apps stuffed new red potatoes with mushrooms.

The toasts became roasts.

Our night ended with a first dance...

And a last kiss.

Once again I must thank my wonderful assistant, Renee, and all these other wonderful vendors:

Caterer: Season to Taste Catering (Cambridge)

Florist: Jeri Solomon Floral Design (Melrose)

Cake or desserts by: Dessertworks (Norwood)

Linen & Chairs (If other than venue): Linens: Be Our Guest

Calligraphy, Invitation and all stationery Design: Designed by our bride, Cheryl McCaffrey

Entertainment Provided By: George Farrell Jazz Band (Boston)

Wedding gown by: Alix and Kelly

Jewelry by: Earrings by Swarovksi, Gold mesh bracelet by J. Crew, Silver antique bracelet, Cheryl’s Grandmother’s, Engagement and wedding ring by Jade Moran

Make-up by: Chantal Ambroise for Bobbi Brown