Jaime & Erik and some French cookin’ at the Veronique Ballroom

We moved the furniture and created the light but Jaime and Erik made it happen.

Thinking back to our late October fall foliage shoot in the Arnold Arboretum Jaime and Erik were game for just about anything. I had them climbing trees and basically hoofing it all over the place. For their wedding we were all in one place as we had the run of the Veronique Ballroom at the Longwood Towers in Brookline.  While the venue was eye candy it was upstaged by this couple and all their incredible friends and family who laughed and danced all night long. Erik was particularly light on his feet but it is his love of photography and technology where I find commonality.  He’s a very good amateur photog and even shot a time-lapse of his entire day (I still need the link to it).

Making pretty.

The reveal. Photo by Tony.

The reveal, part deux.

The reveal, part trois. Photo by Tony

Ring shot courtesy of Tony via the 100mm macro from LPTG.

Erik circling his bride.

Wrapped in a Tallit while under the Chuppah.

Creating our own little patch of sunlight for some shots along the Emerald Necklace.

The main ballroom all aglow and ready to serve its purpose.

Mom getting a little teary-eyed as she delivers some words to the happy couple. Photo by Tony.

First dance contemporary jig.

Spinning into oblivion. Photo by Tony

And, of course, some traditional dance. Photo by Tony

Every family has this guy that can get the crowd moving.

Nice light to end the night--thanks for the assist from Tony with the Lowepro video light.


Many thank you’s to my Johnny-on-the-spot second camera, Tony Yu and to the staff at the Veronique, especially Cindy. The florist was EBSD Orchids N’ Blooms. The Entertainment was provided by Murray Hill Entertainment (Scott Arrington). We worked with Hair for Eternity by Carolina–good luck with the baby.  As always we can’t make it look good without all these folks and countless more that are not named.