CMS + DMPJ = Cool Auction Project

Dharma rising!!!

I know every parent says it but it is true; my kid is beautiful!

Asha is the room parent for my daughters classes at Cambridge Montessori School and I don’t know where she finds the time between all she does but one of her duties, so to speak, is to come up with an auction project to raise money for the school. A couple years ago we made this uniquely DMPJ yearbook for her class and it was wildly successful. I think we sold books to all the parents and some grandparents and raised a good chunk of money for them (kids need books and pencils and little strange counting things plus scholarships, teachers, administrators, gym teachers, after-care peops, art supplies–well you get the idea). So when Asha hit me up to do this again how could I resist.  I spend me career working to help others with my camera and talent and this is just such a no-brainer–you just carve out the time when its for your kiddos!

Two years ago we did ultra-closeup, in-your-face head shots so this time I wanted to do something that might allow the students to express a bit more of themselves; after all they are first-, second-, and third-graders. They brought their Pokemons, snow boards, magic cards, dolls, stuffed-dogs-that-look-like-their-real-dogs, Calvin and Hobbes books, skim boards, skis, hockey sticks, soccer balls and even yoga mats.  They were awkward and outgoing; shy and silly. They laughed, danced and karate chopped and basically conducted themselves like contestants on American Idol. Even their teachers (they’ve got 3 in one classroom!) got into the act and yukked it up for my camera.

The book will include various shots from what I accomplished today but the meat of the book will be saturated with photos from photographer friends like Bethany Versoy and one of my NESoP students, Ryan McBride. These two shot photos over several days while the students went about their daily doings–everything from art to ski school, gym, music and just doin’ their school work (the readin’, ‘rightin’ and ‘rithmeticin’).  I can’t thank them enough and will certainly post some of their great shots soon.

This wouldn’t be complete without turning the camera on ourselves. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words but a group of photos together can tell a story. Here’s to the story of this time in their young lives. Look at their faces and we see ourselves; our dreams–I’m hopeful.