Snowbound but not deterred

Some love and laughs on The Mall.

When we were planning this shoot with Angelina and Danny we went back and forth about the weather and whether we should schedule it for a time of the year that was more conducive for outdoor photos around Boston. Not only was there piles of snow with no where to park the car (best if said with a stereotypical Boston accent) and that sludgy brine covering sidewalks ready to ruin the nicest pair of shoes, but also, the temps were hovering around 12 degrees with a windchill making it feel like minus 5F.  Danny said, “I want the snow since our wedding is in the late summer.” Both from Indonesia I wondered just how my two fair weather love birds might take to the full force of a New England Winter. They had their spots picked out and outfits at the ready. Angelina had a Newbury Street stop for her hair and makeup and both had a playfulness that quickly made us forget (at times) the briskness of this late January evening. They climbed snow drifts, dashed across Mem Drive and just kept going. We ducked into the Boston Public Library for some warmth and hot chocolate.  I love shoots when we can take advantage of that late evening twilight mixing with the man-made glow from city lights.

Strolling along the (Commonwealth) Avenue.

Does anyone know where this is?