It’s a good thing… thanks Wedding Wire & Martha Stewart for our Award!

from Asha:

I’ve recently realized that my husband’s workaholism (a new word I just made up) , and the being in three-places-at-the-same-time syndrome have rubbed off on me. Eleven years ago, when I met him, I did not have this much energy, and now, well, let’s just say, I can keep up with him no problem! I can’t keep track of how I keep track of everything in life (huh? I know, try living in my brain for a month!). The kids, the business, my personal writing, and my budding consulting business.

And yet, there are certain times, when something stops me right in the tracks of life, and make me take a deep breath, pause, and say thank you.

Thank you for all our clients, who have taken the time to let us know how much they appreciate our work, our dedication, and yes, Glen & our team’s beautiful photos. Thank you to the photographers that are a part of this amazing team, and continue to grow with us because you get that we value you, we want you to grow, and yep, we like you lots too. Chris Gagne, Blake Fitch,  Janice Johnson, Zac Wolfe, Josh London, Darren McCollester, Nate Fried-Lipski, Shannon Grant, Tony Yu. And the non photographer support of Debbie, Kristen, Meghan & ShootQ (like a person really, but way more organized).

Yes, I know, it’s sounding like an Oscar speech. Forgive me; I’m having one of those moments, when I realize that without the support, we can’t be recognized in the little and big ways we are recognized in the industry.

And so, thank you for selecting our team and allowing us for the third year in a row to be among the top 5 percent of local wedding professionals from the WeddingWire Network, including Martha Stewart publications,  who demonstrate quality and service excellence in the wedding industry.

Pretty cool. No night out for us to celebrate though. 🙁  Glen has weddings and engagement shoots to edit, and I have kids to feed and put to bed. But, we did stop and say thank you. And for this busy family, the stopping part is a definite, as Martha (Stewart)  says, “It’s a good thing”.