Geoff & Dianna: A church wed, Scout songs, Mother Nature and even Chinatown

Dianna and Geoff had some post ceremony time to comune with Nature at Berry Pond in Andover.

Goeff and Dianna had one of those weddings where we covered so much ground from Medford to Andover and back to Chinatown in Boston for a reception celebration that won’t be forgotten. I always tell my clients that I’m game for what they want to do. Berry Pond in Andover was a spot that is dear to them for dog walking but was 30 minutes north of the ceremony site and even further from our reception destination at the China Pearl in Boston’s Chinatown.  Any Boston wedding photographer would have loved these two and their free-wheeling spirit but the venue changes can be a nightmare. My second photog Darren McCollester and very able assitant Meghan Taylor provided great support in having this run smooth and the I93 Gods were good to us as we sped easily from point A to B to Chinatown!

St.Francis of Assisi in Meford: The House of Father Joe!

Father Joe getting warmed up.

And getting the crowd involved--no falling asleep in his church!

I had my knee-waders on for this shot.

Geoff with some back up sang a capella for Dianna.