La Antigua Guatemala – Having some fun on our day off

Cero de la cruz overlooking La Antigua Guatemala and Agua Volcano in the background.

We’ve been working hard these last couple days and we have a day to ourselves before the rehearsal tonight at Casa Santo Domingo. I got up early and took a tuk-tuk to the Cero mirador for this view of Antigua. My driver reminded me of how dangerous this area can be at times but I didn’t see anyone. I set up for some HDR photography and waited as those clouds passed by volcano Agua in the background. I knew exactly the look I was going for, which certainly helps when setting out to do this. I wanted an old, antique look for the photo to go in Ashley and Carlo’s wedding album.

After shooting the overlook I hiked down and found the perfect, crumbling, faded, paint-splashed wall on the side of a shop that I wanted to layer into my shot.  From there is was Photomatix Pro, PS4 and NIK that gave me the exact look I was shooting for.

Let me know what you think and I’d be happy to share my process for those that want a tutorial.