Bermuda with Dana & Janelle

A perfect Bermuda afternoon for Dana and Janelle's ceremony right on the ocean at The Reefs Resort.

A weeklong cruise to Bermuda aboard the NCL Spirit out of Boston for an incredible wedding at The Reefs Resort with Janelle and Dana. When I met these these two we were discussing options about me flying down to Bermuda for the wedding ceremony when they said, “We’d like to have you along for the cruise.” When we were done with our conversation they invited all my girls on a 7-day odyssey across the mid-Atlantic. With clients like this I don’t even need to make time for family vacations.

The weather was fabulous in Bermuda for their ceremony right by the ocean and then we shot formals in the late evening sunlight right on the beach with a small reception and cake cutting at the resort. Afterward it was a bash of dancing and “Jager-bombs” back aboard the ship.

The dress hangs on the balcony of their shipboard suite.

Dana looking all RL on the main deck in his linen suite and shades.

Janelle gets her own time on deck after the boyz leave for the ceremony but we switched sides due to the wind.

Janelle looking fine in the theatre on board the NCL Spirit before heading out to the ceremony.

Janelle and her girls model in some ancient, box-like booth-thing that was once used to make telephone calls.

The Reefs Resort, about 20 minutes drive from the dockyard. What a place for a ceremony!

Dana had more than local scenery to mesmerize him as he watches Janelle and Dad walk down the aisle.

Late day sunshine and this gorgeous place makes life easy for me--just point and shoot.

Time for some fun for the wedding guests during the reception.

...and they danced and spun the night away back aboard the Spirit.

After knots were tied and receptions danced we still had 1 more day to play in the beautiful, turquoise blue waters surrounding this Island before our 2 day voyage back to Boston.
Anyone who knows us as a family knows that this is not the type of vacation we usually book. I think the all-you-can-eat buffets, pirate kids’ pool and constant fun and games aboard our floating hotel made my girls realize that there are other types of vacations besides the schlep we usually have them endure traipsing through 3rd world countries on a shoestring budget.  An incredible experience none-the-less and maybe this will delay the inevitable trip to Disney for a while.

This was our day off--pretty nice, huh.

Dharma being Dharma and The Doongs! being Sarada?

Magic shows, stand-up comics, dancers, aerial acrobats, gambling (if you are into that), food (did I mention the buffets) and more...

Magic shows, stand-up comics, dancers, aerial acrobats, gambling (if you are into that), food (did I mention the buffets) and more...