A Faery and 2 of a kind for the 1st time

A faery comes to visit from Glen Cooper on Vimeo.

Experimenting with the new manual control with the Canon 5D MII with a Lens Baby attached and my beautiful daugher as the subject. Only problem is that faeries and 3-year-olds don’t seem to understand the video function of the new camera–it’s cute anyway!

For the first time in my pro photo career I have 2 identical camera bodies.  I recently sold my Canon flagship pro camera body, the EOS 1D Mark III, and purchased a second 5D Mark II.  In the past as I upgraded to a newer, better model I would always be conflicted when shooting thinking – I should really be shooting this shot with the new camera.  The old body would essentially become an expensive lens holder–but no more, baby!  Now its like being ambidextrous.