Feeding my Soul

I’m headed back to a tiny Mayan village in Guatemala where my family and I visited this past summer during our summer roadtrip from Boston to El Salvador. You can read all about our adventure at www.travelingfamilycircus.com. We knew we wanted to help them, especially this group of midwives that became dear to my wife’s heart.  Last week I returned with donations of medical supplies collected from so many great people in our local circle. A good deal of the donations came from one little boy at my daughter’s Montessori school.  This 7-year-old adult selflessly asked that his birthday guests bring donations for these midwives instead of buying him presents. Thanks Tyler!  If I could somehow convey just how incredibly happy this entire village of  267 was for your altruism.

These pix are just a sampling and I am heading back to complete a small documentary on the midwives in this community near Coban, Guatemala. For anyone that is interested in helping out you can get more informaton from SEVA.  Here’s to you, Tyler, and everyone else who’s help is truly making a difference in the lives the people here.

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